Mobile Web Traffic is No Longer a Thing of the Future: Are you Ready?

It’s been well known that mobile traffic over the internet has been growing over the past few years, but in the last year alone (2013-2014), the growth is up more than most could have ever predicted. With some statistics showing that mobile web traffic now accounts one third to one half of all online traffic, it’s time for us as bloggers to ask ourselves: Is my blog mobile ready?

To get your blog to be mobile ready you first have to ask yourself this question: What does mobile ready mean? Basically the answer to this is whether or not your content, including content you offer on your blog and through email, is easy to view and navigate when using a smartphone or tablet. Let’s face it, if users cannot easily find or read what you have to share on their mobile devices, they’re going to leave and find the information elsewhere.


Custom Caricature ~ Make your online representation fun!

I got a custom caricature! Do you want your own too? This is something quite amazing and I love it 😉 I love to see the artistic representation of myself. Any photo I have can be turned into a high quality impressive caricature.

You can have caricatures for every occasion or anything  – wedding, sports, group pictures, pets, fun, business, party, etc.  I think this is just a cool way to add some more fun to your live.


Affiliate Marketers ~ How to make big commissions with this program!

Are you affiliate marketer who is interested in making big commissions? I have you covered in today’s post.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you are not a product creator, you are still able to bank 6 figure income just by promoting others products and earning a commission.

This makes it sweet to make money online. Anyone anywhere in the world can be self employed, making big money enough to pay your bills, buy cars, land and build your own houses.

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There are two big secrets with affiliate marketing and that’s what I want to reveal in this post. If you understand this and work hard towards it, you are soon going to be your boss, making any amount of money you want online. Here are the secrets:


Top 6 PDF Editors for easy pdf file editing & management!

Today, we have having my friend Jyoti Chauhan. She has put together a list of 5 PDF editors so I thought it will be good thing to have you know about these editors. Through this post, you are also going to meet Jyoti, my friend from India.

Every day we use multiple format file but some format like  pdf, doc, jpeg, txt,  are more used than others. PDF (Portable Document Format) is most used format to convert your data into printable files. In this post “Top 6 PDF Editors” you can get information about top 5 most useful PDF editors, which you can use for edit you PDF files, make pdf files and read pdf files. These editors make your PDF file editing easier and smarter. All these editors are not operating system specific, all are working on all available platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux and etc.


$100 Cash Giveaway ~ Straight to Paypal!

I love making money online and I have proofs that you too love the thing. The first indisputable proof is your presence on this blog post.  Yes! If you are not interested to make money online, I wonder what you are doing on this $100 cash prize giveaway  blog post 😉

You have your chance to get this whole sum sent straight to your Paypal account. There are lots of things you can buy with 100 bucks. This will not make you rich though. However, its value cannot be neglected. 


BroadedNet ~ Customized widget, targeted traffic on autopilot!

BroadedNet is the new generation blog traffic tool for targeted traffic without SEO or Social media. Go here and sign up for free. To install the plugin, simply go to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for broadednet, install and activate.

If you are already a BroadedNet member, be sure to upgrade the WordPress plugin from version 1.0 to the most recent version. Go to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins. The should be an indication that there is a new version for BroadedNet. Just click to ‘update now‘.

In this post, I want to take you through version 1.1 of the plugin. What this does is enable you display just what you want on your blog. I also will be given you coupon code for free credits. The code is available at the bottom of this post.

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