Google’s New #1Ranking Factor has been revealed! Huge Shock!

Google’s new #1 ranking factor has come as a shock to most industry experts.

If you are not new around, you must have heard about these 200 ranking factors.  Backlinks, contents, social signals, etc are some of these top ranking factors. But there is a new player in on the pitch and this is said to be the most important influencer and the most exciting SEO announcement of 2014. 


One Year Report! $5500, 189 blog posts, 7922 comments, 20k Alexa

It’s one year today since this blog went live. The domain name was registered on October 28th 2013. This coincidentally is a day after my birth day, which is 27th of October.

This is one year of blogging on EnstineMuki.com. I have been blogging however for 2 years. I started blogging on EmFastIncom.com in August 2012. Here is my 2 year anniversary post.

My one year journey with EnstineMuki.com has been an exciting one. The growth has been crazy and I have met with more and more awesome bloggers.

My community has been exceptional. My readers (including you) have been the most important asset I have ever had. These stats I’m about to share  here with you are as a result of these wonderful readers.


Be Specific And Arouse Curiosity – The Work Of a Great Article Headline

Sometimes ago, the money blogger…..Enstine Muki, wrote a blog post that give evidence to some proven fact about crafting attention grabbing headline – the kind of great articles headlines that never can be ignored by readers – in that post also, there was a revelation which pointed out that most of us bloggers don’t practice what we preach on blog commenting best practices.

Actually, that post wasn’t about articles headline or blog commenting best practices, but in the end those two topics were what I could take along with me from reading the post.

In our search for website traffic, most of us bloggers are after some magic formula that will skyrocket our blog traffic level to the roof top in seconds, that’s good! 


Crowdsourcing Platforms ~ Great, quick & custom designs with CrowdSite!

Crowdsourcing is simply the process of getting the best content, service or idea by soliciting contributions from a crowd of people, usually on the Internet. There are quite a huge number of platforms on the Internet where you can meet experts in different fields willing to contribute their ideas so you can pick out that which is your best fit.

One of such platforms or platforms is CrowdSite.  Few weeks back, while searching the net for qualified designer to work with on one of my projects, I came across this platform.  I thought it’s a good thing to tell you more about it so if you need a professional logo, flyer, website, or T-shirt design, you should know where to go.

I have a couple of reasons this platform is my choice. I’ll share with you below so keep reading.


Bootstrap Themes ~ Get Responsive Bootstrap Templates!

BootStrap is an exciting open source front-end/client-side HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for the development of responsive websites. Yes! With the rapid growth in the bootstrap themes industry, I know this is soon going to be another big thing.

Initially developed by former Twitter employees Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton as an internal development tool, Bootstrap was released as open source project in 2011. At the moment of writing this post, it is the most popular repository on GitHub.

– > Visit BootStrap website for more information about it.

Websites developed with BootStrap are fully responsive. With the help of breakpoints & media queries, BootStrap sites will dynamically adjust to optimal viewing on mobile & tablet devices.


3 BAD reasons why your business Stinks and Sinks!

It appears failure has located your business address. Everything you do sees no results. Your blog is a complete mess. Nothing seems to work despite the beautiful design, wonderful hosting, great contents, etc.

As a matter of fact, these things don’t bring profit directly -> Hire the best writer, get the best graphics designer, employ the best developer, etc will not still work. You will still be broke!


Yes! These items only help your business grow. If you have not dealt with the 3 points I want to expound in this post, mind my words, you don’t even have a business and that’s where your first problem lies.