Nexttel Cameroon ~ Celebrating TWO Million Subscribers!

It was a colorful event this Friday 28th of August 2015 at Akwa Douala, when Etongo Ondobo André walked away with a brand New Toyota Yaris after spending just XAF200 (about $0.34 US Dollars) a couple of weeks back on Nexttel Cameroon call credit refill.

Nexttel ( The commercial name of Viettel Cameroon S.A.), setup in Cameroon since September 2014, is the network providing 3G mobile Internet in Cameroon. With innovative products and an outstanding national coverage, Nexttel is positioning itself as a real challenge to existing mobile phone operators.

Nexttel Cameroon celebrates two million subscribers in just one year of activities.

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nexttel in pictures

Nexttel Cameroon – Celebrating two Million subscribers!

Due to its ingenuity, performance and incredible customer service, Nexttel is numerically on high speed amassing two million subscribers in just one year of activities.

To celebrate this excellence, the management decided to run a raffle which brought its users scrambling for one of the many prizes, including the brand new car. The lucky winner of the first prize,  Mr Etongo Ondobo André from Yaounde in the presence of excited friends, families and mobile phone users received his car keys from the hands of the Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri Division, Naseri Paul Bea.

nexttel cameroon

Mr Etongo Ondobo André all away from Yaoundé expressed his over whelming joy and gratitude to Nextell Cameroon for this amazing opportunity that created a way for him to the ownership of one of the most coveted cars in the nation of Cameroon.

nexttel cameroon raffle

Other winners went away with T-shirts, Face Caps and IPAD MINI each

nexttel cameroon winners

I was there to celebrate Mr Etongo’s victory

etongo ondolo Andre

 (Left, Mr Etongo & right, Enstine Muki)

What’s Next?

According to Joël Bertrand AWONO NDJODO, Marketing & Commercial Director, this is just the tip of an iceberg. In his words, “Nexttel has the widest network in Cameroon, Nexttel has a very strong brand, Nexttel has affordable tariffs, Nexttel has very strong customer experience and is offering a very selected customer service…”

Joël Bertrand AWONO NDJODO

What is my experience so far?

Having met and spoken with some Nexttel officials, I came to uncover the innovative products in their packages.

In the days ahead, I will be giving you details of each and every product that’s currently in the Cameroonian market.  Two of these include the Mobile TV that enables you to watch some local and International Televisions on your smartphone and Video Telephony that allows you have live visual experience with the person at the other end of the phone conversation.

Are you connected to Nexttel?

It’s just XAF 100  ($0.17 USD) to get a Nexttel SIM Card and be part of a rapidly growing network that pays attention to everyone with a need to communicate.

Checkout Nexttel shops nation wide and be a happy subscriber

Please drop a comment and let me know what you think. If you have a question for Nexttel, please drop it in the comment box!

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  1. Hello . I have been using nexttel for quite a long time but still have a problem identifying their core plan of relationship marketing strategies. If marketing should take place in this modern biz era, there should be a relationship or partnership with their loyal customers . what is their main strategy???

  2. I want to say Thank you to “Enstine Muki” for this nice post. Good job Nexttel. Congratulation to you for this milestone. Mr Etongo Ondobo André all away from Yaoundé expressed his over whelming joy and gratitude to Nextell Cameroon for this amazing opportunity that created a way for him to the ownership of one of the most coveted cars in the nation of Cameroon.

  3. Hey Enstine,
    Congratulation.. 🙂
    You’re an amazing writer and truly helps for Newbie and specially for me because of I learned many of article of you.
    Thanks for shared a few enjoyed moments of your life with us. Thumb’s up.. 🙂 🙂

  4. I think u r the man bro u lust sold the event all alone in a single report….kudos big bros I’m down wit u like its the street game.Nexttel obosso

  5. Hello Enstine,

    This is awesome to see Nexttel having such events!

    And wow! Sim’s price is really too affordable and I hope the tariffs would be too. Over here, the sim is under US$2.00 and tariffs-wise, they are pretty affordable minus the 3G services; they are a bit expensive.

    And very good to see you’re introducing your country’s prominent products. Keep doing that, bro!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel,
      $2 is about 1,173 FCFA and that gives you 11 SIM Cards 😉

      There are a lot more things happening here and blogging is really new. I’m hoping to contribute in my own way to get more cameroonians involved in it 😉

      thanks for taking the time to interact on my local content. do have a wonderful weekend

  6. It’s good archive for a mobile carrier on your country. If Nexttel reaches this amount of subscribers, I think the quality of services is good enough, right?

    • Hi Alize,
      Yes, they have excellent Internet speed and voice quality. If they did more publicity, they would have had even more.

      A lot is coming ahead from them 😉

      thanks for being part of the post Alize

  7. Thats good Enstine,
    Nexttel seems to dominated the whole of Cameroon and thats the benefits of having a very strong and reliable brand.

    However, i would have like you to be the winner of that pretty car so you will dash me one :).

    The telecom companies we have down here also hosts a similar event once awhile and I’ve seen someone win a brand new Kia Picanto with just a 100 Naira sim card.

    • Hahaha bro I will win the next big prize for sure so be in expectation 😉

      We have MTN and ORANGE that are old players and NEXTTEL has to work hard to grab a more reasonable portion of the market 😉

      Do have a wonderful weekend bro

  8. Couldn’t agree any better. 2million subscribers is indeed a milestone, but considering the tension and expectations Nexttel had instilled in Cameroonians prior to their launch, they would have doubled that number if they actually roamed around the expected! Their tariffs were super high on launch and though they now trying to bring that down for their subscribers, first impression in business always counts more. Many people just took off and gave into to other networks when they saw the expensive and less effective tariffs Nexttel was offering.

    Overall, They’ve been doing a great work to try bending the rules and put customers first.. Big ups to Nexttel! #2MSubscribers in Cameroon is definitely a big push.Push on…

    • Heyah!
      Thanks for sharing your opinion in this comment. I think they are coming up with a lot for their customers and this should get even more subscribers.

      I didn’t pay attention to their call costs during launch but I think what they have now is quite down to earth for all callers at every level 😉

      Better days are ahead 😉

  9. “Am not a fan of Nexttel for so many reasons
    1. The so claim 3G Internet Company has no website (it’s not a modern website and it’s not informative). I believe web site is a living thing. As such, a web site must be cultivated to ensure growth and positive results. These days you need a sticky website with information, design, user interaction and experience like and more when you have or aim at thousands of users or customers of your service. I remember the current one page bootstrap template website was launched on the day the service went operational.
    “Wrong approach”. A company like Nexttel needs to have had a wonderful web presence prelaunch already informing consumers the benefits of their products and services and on the launch dates consumers already prepare financially to test the services and products. This alone reduced my interest in Nexttel in that I had I took off some time to the Center in Yaoundé while working there and had a very bad information about the service from one of the agent(s) I presume wasn’t really much knowledgeable about Telecom or IT . Sincerely I had no time going to the launch sites to start asking information about the products and services. Common why not hire PR and Marketer to simply do what we expect. What is the use of 3G. Why did you bring 3G even though we are still far behind? The Literacy level of IT in Cameroon is mainly caused by Internet Service providers not providing enough or reasonable internet services for users to be able to fully utilize internet services to learn or interact.

    My point here is “A website should reflect the company or business to a greater extent”
    Take a look at and jus to mention a few.
    I believe a successful Web site is about marketing, generating revenue, and maximizing brand equity.
    I think Nexttel should redevelop (design and program) her website to web app. Nexttel should build a website understands and speaks to its visitors (your potential users, customers, clients, partners, etc.), Maximizes her Brand Identity, etc. Marketing and PR or related have to use the website to identify where visitors are scrolling to and clicking on the website and with online help direct them to where you want them to and give them information they need perhaps instantly or through ticketing .. A highly effective Web site like that Nexttel should go for , should be crafted by a team of knowledgeable, creative business and marketing professionals, copywriters, graphic designers, and programmers. I strong suggest the benefits & difference of Nexttel services and products should be clearly seen with the use of crisp, clean content and imagery in an attractive format with easy-to-use navigation.

    2. For Us IT Professionals I haven’t seen packages that suit us. Common, Nexttel is too expensive with respect to quantity. We need high speed unlimited internet affordable enough for SME to leverage IT in their operations. Truly speaking the lack of or unavailability of and expensive nature of internet in Cameroon is what kills most entrepreneurs in Cameroon. I don’t even want to talk about learning or education which should be the most sector consuming fast internet. I am very much in need of the internet for personal, corporate and professional use. I pay 40, 000 XAF / month for personal use and have unlimited We use to pay 240, 000XAF/ month for business use in Bonaberi Douala last 2 years yet very poor service.

    There so many but am passionate about the above for now and I have watched Nexttel hoping it will do as I expected.

    Perhaps I over expected a lot from Nexttel since their message was “The First 3G Internet in Cameroon so I expected affordable stable 3G”
    I bought more than 3 SIM Cards on the launching day with great expectations but sincerely since then I have never used it. I do not even know where there are. I bought it for business use (for my staff) with hope that we will connect, share, communicate and interact with a different experience. Sincerely, I think Nexttel still needs to provide the “Most talked of 3G” I heard and I have used abroad. Perhaps Nexttel can blame the government or who else but I am on Nexttel.
    Its more very personal but I thank God for not using Nexttel….Just 2% of people I know use Nexttel perhaps there are have “enough money”.

    P.S: I didn’t have time to re over what I wrote; I hope all grammatical errors are under looked but the message and point gotten.

    Francis Fon Teboh

    • Quite much said Francis!
      I think they are working on the new version of their site. However, I’m sure they got your message and thanks for taking the time to comment this post.

      Have a wonderful weekend man

      • Thanks for the recommend !

        I am not asking them to work on a new version of their site only I am only saying they should rethink about the way they perceive the web( They shouldnt preach 3G and do not even believe or see into the power of the web)

        • The web is just an aspect of the Internet. If you get to know how much these guys offer their users in terms of Internet-based products, you will have to reconsider your opinion.

          I think they have a global strategy and that includes building and launching their website.

          You are in Douala right? maybe you should pay them a visit and have a talk about what you can offer. Looks like a good business. What do you think?

          • Global Strategy that works for Cameroon or Cameroonians? I still need to see this ! I am not offering any thing Enstine, I am simply a consumer of their services. Go to their office, common bro… I went there once, vowed never to pass around there again , I keep checking on their website to see updates if there are products , services I can migrate to. I deserve a return visit. Of what use will it be if they( who provide internet at the speed they claim is it but with relative small quota ) donot create a means or platform through which smart consumers like us can easily get to know more about their offers. Do you know how many requests I get per month to get or provide good internet services as an IT consultant? The only first time I advised a very close friend to get the Nexttel modem created a negative impression of my consulting services to my friend. Get his reply ” Francis , you advised me to get Nexttel and since then I have never used it as its too expensive and I couldn’t find other options suitable for me… “

  10. nexttel cameroun qualité d’ecoute telephononique 10/10 internet 10/10 a quand la fibre nous on attend avec impatience car je suis sur que la connexion sera a une vitesse xx

  11. wooow. ah ah! So someone actually won a car? I should have entered the raffle draw oh! Mr. Muki when is the next one? lol . Well Nexttel is on the rise. Ain’t nothing stopping then. Thanks Nexttel for the good services.

    • Thanks for showing up Dilis. Yes, someone actually won it 😉
      I’m sure there are more raffles coming up to give you more chances to grab a prize too so stay tuned to Nexttel

      • Agreed with Enstine Muki , more raffles coming up to give more chances , and I am waiting to get notification from Nexttel.

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