How to generate a list of your commentators and what to do with it.

Blog commenting is a very profitable blogging exercise.

When I got into blogging, I was quickly introduced to it and it worked so well for me. I was able to quickly grow my community by reading and dropping engaging comments on other blogs.

I can vividly remember those my early days when commenting was a huge networking tool. Of course it still works today if properly practiced.

One of the reasons blog commenting works so well for me is because I do not comment for the sake of backlinks. I comment for 2 main reasons:

  1. Create relationships.
  2. Expand my community.

I have had links in the exercise as well. But the relationships I have created through blog commenting have been more rewarding. Many of the friends I’m connected with have given uncountable contextual links, signed up to my lists, bought my products, etc.

As a matter of fact, one of the strategies I teach my students to build an engaging blogging community is “commenting that works”

But it came a moment when I thought of a simple way to quickly generate a list of everyone that has dropped a comment on my blog within a given period. There was no plugin to help with this. So I created one called MyCommentAuthors.

Using MyCommentAuthors to create a list of commentators

What this does is amazing. With a few clicks, it allows it users to generate a list of comment authors on their WordPress blogs for a given month.

my comment authors

Here are a few options you should know about:

  • Dofollow limit: The list generated is made up of the commentator’s name linked to his url and comment count. This option allows you to control who gets a dofollow link and who doesn’t based on the number of comments made. In this case, if someone made 20+ comments on this blog in the month of April 2019, the link will not have the nofollow tag
  • Option – Get HTML or Preview: This allows you to preview the list within the dashboard or simply generate the HTML code to add to your post.
  • Page break: If the list generated in too long (meaning you had many comments), you may one to break the page after X number of comments.
  • Templates: There are three different templates. Let me demonstrate them below:


list of commentators

The Gravatar Table template will create a nicely styled table of commentators with their gravatar pictures pulled from

The Gravatar Box will simply display nice boxes with gravatar pictures while the Simple Text List will create a simple list of linked names with no pictures.

It’s all your choice which of these to use on your article.

MyCommentAuthors General Settings

Now, there are some options you should set before using the plugin. This applies to the plugin in general, your blog theme and web host’s mailing settings:

Mailing limit per hour: If you are hosting on a shared server, it’s important to set this to the maximum number of mails allowed per account per hour. Contact your host for this information.

Email From: You must set a valid email address created on the domain where the plugin is installed. Without this, your host may not be able to deliver the mails sent from the plugin.

Gravatar: Use this option to set the gravatar box color. This should be set to match your entire theme design.

Reserve List: You need some users removed from the list of commentators. These are administrators and maybe your blog editors. Just add their emails here, separated by commas.

What to do with the list of commentators.

Now, you are able to generate the list of your comment authors monthly. What do you do with it?

I didn’t want to provide a system that will allow bloggers spam their commentators. So I made sure there is no function to download their email addresses. There are only two things you can two with the list. These are just two but powerful enough to keep your blog busy month after month:

1 – Publish a Thank You post on your blog:

Being thankful is the quality of someone who wants more. So by generating and publishing the list of your commentators, you actually thank them for coming to your blog and dropping a comment. Below is the list (Simple Text List) of my commentators for the month of April 2019 just to tell you guys Thank You.

First, select the month and other options accordingly. In the Option select field, select Get HTML and click Generate. You will get this:

html code

Copy the html code as it is and paste in the TEXT view of your post composing environment. You must switch from the Visual composer to Text for the code to be interpreted not simply displayed as text.

Once this is done and everything else added to the article, hit the publish button and your list is published.

2 – Send a friendly mail to your commentators

There is a mailing option that allows you to send a simple mail to your commentators to Thank them for being active on your blog.

This must not be used for any other reason on earth else it may be considered as spam.  To oblige bloggers not to misuse this function, I hard-coded the subject of the mail to”You made X comments in XX. Thank You!

I’ll recommend you send the mail with the link to the Thank You post after you’ve published it. This way, they will be called back to your blog, adding more counts to your repeat visitors.

To send the mail, click the “Mail This List” button under the HTML generated text in step above. This will bring you to the mail form:

mycommentauthors send mail

You may want to tweak the content of the mail. However, the placeholder [NumOfCom] should be used to include the commentator’s comment count. Make sure to read more on the mail page before sending your first ever Thank You mail.

Comment Authors on this blog in the month of April 2019

Last month was equally active. Though I spent more time working on eFAAH JOBS, there were 128 comment authors who did make 223 comments.

I want to say a big Thank You to everyone, especially my friend Nik who spent quite much time on my blog. You all rock:

  1. Nikola Roza dropped 26 comments
  2. Lisa Sicard made 8 comments
  3. Rahul Dubey made 8 comments
  4. Moss Clement dropped 6 comments
  5. Philip V Ariel made 4 comments
  6. Christopher Jan Benitez made 4 comments
  7. shweta dropped 4 comments
  8. Lawrence dropped 4 comments
  9. stevek dropped 4 comments
  10. Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo made 4 comments
  11. Jo Ann McLellan made 4 comments
  12. Vishwajeet Kumar dropped 3 comments
  13. Ryan Biddulph made 3 comments
  14. Liton Biswas made 3 comments
  15. Oskaaay dropped 3 comments
  16. Dalene Ekirapa made 3 comments
  17. Ryan K Biddulph made 3 comments
  18. Maxim Dsouza dropped 3 comments
  19. Jamiu Oloyede made 2 comments
  20. Designatude dropped 2 comments
  21. danutz made 2 comments
  22. Lily @ FindingBalance.Mom made 2 comments
  23. Shreya Rane dropped 2 comments
  24. Arfa Nazeer made 2 comments
  25. Smith dropped 2 comments
  26. MD. Al amin dropped 2 comments
  27. vervelogic made 2 comments
  28. Nirmal Kumar dropped 2 comments
  29. Annette Brigiotta dropped 2 comments
  30. Aakash Patel made 2 comments
  31. Adrina dropped 2 comments
  32. talha rana dropped 2 comments
  33. Pankaj Mondal made 2 comments
  34. Dexter Roona made 2 comments
  35. Nirav Dave dropped 1 comment
  36. Silvester Shuro dropped 1 comment
  37. Mike Jones made 1 comment
  38. Donna Merrill made 1 comment
  39. Monna Ellithorpe made 1 comment
  40. Samuel made 1 comment
  41. Gaurav Jain made 1 comment
  42. Malik Mubashir made 1 comment
  43. Malik dropped 1 comment
  44. Oan Mohammad dropped 1 comment
  45. Javed Hussain dropped 1 comment
  46. Pankaj dropped 1 comment
  47. Mark Newsome dropped 1 comment
  48. Kufre made 1 comment
  49. Dan Goldman dropped 1 comment
  50. Tricia made 1 comment
  51. Hannah Lagdameo dropped 1 comment
  52. mithilesh dropped 1 comment
  53. Mathew Shields dropped 1 comment
  54. Brad Lindsey made 1 comment
  55. Mahmudul hasan dropped 1 comment
  56. Alli Abiola dropped 1 comment
  57. Gaurav Kumar dropped 1 comment
  58. Gyan Ranjan dropped 1 comment
  59. Jibade made 1 comment
  60. Joy Healey dropped 1 comment
  61. kufre Ekpo dropped 1 comment
  62. arsalan6370 made 1 comment
  63. Puran Mal Meena dropped 1 comment
  64. kosigro made 1 comment
  65. Dasho Partners dropped 1 comment
  66. Nirvana Sharma made 1 comment
  67. shan dropped 1 comment
  68. Arumugam Rangasamy made 1 comment
  69. Malcolm McNeill dropped 1 comment
  70. Mitesh made 1 comment
  71. Ankit Main made 1 comment
  72. manisha made 1 comment
  73. Athar made 1 comment
  74. James Stuklin dropped 1 comment
  75. Chester Loke dropped 1 comment
  76. Nidhi dropped 1 comment
  77. Robin Khokhar made 1 comment
  78. Vlad Nikolskiy made 1 comment
  79. Hassaan Khan dropped 1 comment
  80. Abigale Smith made 1 comment
  81. Bhawna made 1 comment
  82. Ronit Sharma dropped 1 comment
  83. Andrew dropped 1 comment
  84. Marai Zvinca dropped 1 comment
  85. hannah william dropped 1 comment
  86. Tim Halloran dropped 1 comment
  87. Make money made 1 comment
  88. Railway jobs dropped 1 comment
  89. CHARLES dropped 1 comment
  90. Daniel John dropped 1 comment
  91. Casey Adams made 1 comment
  92. Augusta dropped 1 comment
  93. William Lane dropped 1 comment
  94. Vicky Joseph made 1 comment
  95. Arun Kumar B made 1 comment
  96. Akash Kumar dropped 1 comment
  97. Joydeep Mandal dropped 1 comment
  98. Amelia Warner made 1 comment
  99. Abhay Gautam dropped 1 comment
  100. Boniface Kisina made 1 comment
  101. Dimitri made 1 comment
  102. Robiul islam dropped 1 comment
  103. Albertin dropped 1 comment
  104. Arfa dropped 1 comment
  105. Jassica dropped 1 comment
  106. Faith Taylor made 1 comment
  107. Joddy Edwards made 1 comment
  108. Kaushal Dhawan made 1 comment
  109. Lorraine Reguly made 1 comment
  110. Arnab saha made 1 comment
  111. ARNAB dropped 1 comment
  112. Siya Calra made 1 comment
  113. dropped 1 comment
  114. Onam Sharma dropped 1 comment
  115. iitjam made 1 comment
  116. John Steven made 1 comment
  117. umair ansari made 1 comment
  118. Jignesh dropped 1 comment
  119. Gurunath dropped 1 comment
  120. Supriya dropped 1 comment
  121. Mathew dropped 1 comment
  122. Shamsudeen Adeshokan made 1 comment
  123. The ‘Staunch made 1 comment
  124. Sajid Bashir dropped 1 comment
  125. Sumit Sao dropped 1 comment
  126. John William made 1 comment
  127. Dexter Roonaif dropped 1 comment
  128. Oshin Kamble dropped 1 comment

This list was generated by MyCommentAuthors

Thanks for dropping another comment to be listed on the next Thank You post.

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