Browser Push Notifications ~ Reduce you retargeting expense and re-engage your users!

Today, we have a guest, Ravi Trivedi who talks to us about Push Notifications and how you can actually build a list without requiring your readers’ emails. Ravi will also be talking to us about his platform and offering you a special 1 month free trial for being my reader. Just read through and you’ll get to learn more on how push notifications work and how to get your special free trial.

Over to you Ravi!

You have written a viral blog post and it gets you 100,000 visitors in one day.  Content is hit driven and your post won’t go viral each day, so what do you do to benefit from the viral post.  May be you are collecting emails or feed-burner subscription, or doing re-targeting to reach back at the visitors.

But did you know that there is an alternative to Email which has proven ROI of 2x to 5x over Email. Email opt-in rates are low, as consumers don’t want to get spammed with emails, and they feel they are not in control who is sending them emails, due to spammers.

Browser Push Notifications is a new emerging channel in 2016, which can help you reach back at your existing customers at fraction of a cost, and have a higher opt-in than email.  Further the consumers are happy as they have full control on who they want to receive notification from as they can configure this in their browser settings.

Push Notifications in Browsers are now supported in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and it constitutes a majority of the users. Sign-up at to enable them on your website in 5 minutes.

How to Implement Push Notifications on Your Website:

  • Go Live with Push Notification Platform on your website using a tool like These tools will help you do subscriber management as well as run campaigns. 
  • Building a List of Subscribers:

Similar to list of Email users, we can get opt-in from users in multiple ways.

  1. Default: The default method includes a subscription pop-up on load of the home page or all the pages. The delay is configurable in tool like, and you further you could change the Messaging on the Pop Up.
  2. You can choose to trigger the Push Subscription pop up on Button Click, at specific place in your site – like Subscribe to Price Alert, or after downloading a white paper, or any other action.

One issue is that we need to build with subscriber base from scratch, so it will take time for this channel to pick up. But the patient list building will payout in terms of returns.  After six months if you have a decent list and other competitors do not have one, you would have a better reach.

There is no method currently to submit a list of emails to Google or Safari and get a similar list for Push Notification back.

What should be a benchmark rate of subscription?

We have noticed a healthy subscription rate for Push is similar to Email and we can get between 2 to 15% subscription rate depending on the website/page and intent of the user.

  • Segment your users during subscription for better targeting

If you want your users to engage more with your push alerts, then you should send targeted and contextual alerts.   Right now you can segment the users based on actions on your site, or where they subscribed.

As an example: Right when users subscribe you can ask them if they are interested in Sports News Alerts or Political News Alerts or both.

  • Plan & run some campaigns constantly

Even when your subscriber base is small, plan some campaigns and run with the users you have to keep in engaged.  Depending on the type of site each user will have a different expectation on how frequent these notifications should be.

Respect those choices and send them as frequent notifications as desired.  Once a day, or each time while it happens.

How Does Push Notification Work?

We are using our tool as an example here to explain, but the experience will be similar with other options as well.

A user visiting your site is asked to subscribe to Push Notifications on Chrome Browser (Mobile or Desktop).

Push Notifications

Once the user confirms subscription, he is added to a subscriber group. We can also segment the users here, and add them to specific subscriber groups.

Push Notifications

As a Website owner, you can now go to the dashboard and create and send a notification to all your subscribers

Push Notifications

Subscribed user will get the notifications as long as browser is running in background. This will get your subscribers to come and visit you back.

Browser Push Notifications


Few Example Campaign Ideas With Push Notifications

  • Price Alerts

Users can subscribe to Price Alert on a Flight, or a Mobile Phone.  Usually websites use email subscription for such alerts.

However, the user may not always check the email in real time and the price may fluctuate a lot. A real time push notification here works better and the user is more likely to see this alert.

  • Limited Time Coupons or Deals

E-commerce sites or Coupon and Deal sites promoting limited time Promotions or Coupons would benefit from a notification to the users.  Offers with sense of urgency work well, and the channel is ideal for such notifications.

  • Breaking News or New Article Alerts

Content Sites would like to deliver breaking news and fresh off the press content to their readers. This can help them drive traffic to the website.

  • Convenience Alerts

You want to be notified when a bill payment is due, your insurance renewal is due, or when your favorite rock concert tickets becomes available at a ticketing site. Such alerts are helpful to users and they add a lot of value to them, and depend on what they want to receive and when.

Special offer

We are offering the readers of a special 1 month free trial for all plans which is better than our existing free trial on the website.  Please sign-up at to avail of this offer.

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  1. Hi,

    This is a great and effective way to re-engage your users. Nowadays push notification is a powerful way for brands to communicate with their customers.
    like above mentioned also providing web push notification. NotifyVisitors is a cross-device engagement software. PushEngage is also a good service provider for web push.

  2. Power push notifications are popular these days.Even facebook and twitter have push notifications.But they are hard to configure.I use one signal on my blog and it is very easy to install and manage it.

  3. Great article.Push notification is a effective way for brands to communicate with their customer and it reduce the marketing expenses of any brands.Like above mentioned brand Pushify also offering Unlimited Free Browser Push Notifications to Unlimited Subscribers by which you can connect with your customers easily even customer not in your website. Notifications will deliver to your Customers Mobile and Desktop. We are offering Unlimited REST API calls, Geo-Targeting, Scheduled Notifications, Free Plugins to CMS & e-commerce, RSS 2 Push and many features for free. To know more just visit

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Great to see you here in Enstine’s blog and the topic you’ve selected is very nice. I have been aware about push notifications and tried some before. Thanks for this nice post.


  5. This is really a great think. I would definitely not miss out on sending push notifications to my subscribers now.

  6. I’ve already applied it on just web view of my blog and I;m getting good number of subscribers.. Why i love the push notification is that it don’t spam your blog, that is, appears on a very neat position and as long as your blog provides users with great contents, 80% of readers that comes across the push notification button would definitely subscribe.

  7. Hey Enstine This is really cool 🙂 and sounds great.Thanks for the update 🙂
    Navya recently poste

  8. Hi Ravi and Enstine. I’m guessing these notifications are similar to the notifications that pop up on my daughters phone from the online games that she plays. It’s an interesting idea because mobile users have already been programmed to accept their existence, and all it takes is clicking a button to turn them on. I can see how it could be a lot easier than getting people to offer up their email addresses. I will have to look into this.

  9. Hi Ravi,

    This is something damn interesting – getting leads without asking for emails directly.

    Email is sooo 2005 and the trend generally is moving fast against it – thanks to spam…I’ll sincerely love to take a closer look at your offer and how how well it works for my site and audience.

    Be certain to make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa

  10. Hi Ravi,

    Great to see you here in Enstine’s blog and the topic you’ve selected is very novice. Liked the concept of sending push notification, however, one concern raises in my mind.

    As we were always told ‘money is in the list’, is it going to be changed now?

    And can the subscribers be exported and used in other purposes?

  11. Wow this sure sounds powerful. This is the first time I’ve heard about this. I will definitely take a serious look at this and implement this to my site as well. Thanks much for sharing this. I appreciate you my friend. Have an awesome weekend ahead.

  12. Hi Ravi and Enstine,

    This is very interesting…. in fact I recently read a very small snippet in another blog post that mentioned push notifications, however I didn’t really understand what they were. Ravi’s article has explained it for me now, thankyou.

    Interesting that such alternatives to email marketing are evolving.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  13. Hello bro, thanks for enlightening us about this newest innovation to transform pur visitors into loyal readers.

    I do see this push notification on a freelance website and on my friends website . But, even after confirming it, the next day o visits the website, it still asks me for push notification confirm.

    Hope this problem is fixed while using your platform to send push notification because it sucks to get notified every here and now. I mean, I stopped visiting the site for it.

    Let me hear your say please. Have a nice day!

  14. Hi Ravi, very interesting, I didn’t know this existed on our browsers now. Would folks find it annoying like a pop up? Can you set up different variations of it as well?
    I could see it for coupons and special offers. I believe I do have it on my mobile with a news website, I didn’t realize that was push notification but when there is breaking news I get an alert on my mobile.
    Thanks for sharing this with us Ravi and Esntine!

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