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Warrior Forum Vault Review ~ Meet 25+ Top Marketers in one place!

Warrior Forum Vault Review

The Warrior Forum Vault review – What is it? Why was it created? What do you get inside?

The Warrior Forum is the place to be for all Internet Marketers and online entrepreneurs. You meet everyone from all areas of life and every corner of the planet. But something is just starting off on the forum that is going to be the biggest hit in the industry. That’s The Vault.

Top Internet marketers, online entrepreneurs, Affiliate marketers, pro bloggers, etc are almost everywhere. But there is been no single roof where you find a majority of them. And this has been a problem and one of the reasons why about 90% of all new online businesses fail before turning a profit. Continue reading


VERY FEW bloggers are doing this one thing and succeeding remarkably!

It’s amazing how few bloggers around do this one thing. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things that have produced growth for some of us today.

I have a lot of blogging friends and some of them are doing this same thing and seeing a lot of success in it. Peter Beckenham, the  remote Thai village blogger does it and has even written and mentioned it on his blog. Joy Healey from UK, the blogger after dark, perfectly knows about this one thing.

Donna Merrill knows and has experienced the power of this powerful growth method. Ask Kim Willis and he will tell you it works. Still need more people to find out if this trick I’m about to share with you works? Ask Monna EllithorpePhilip Verghese Ariel, etc. Continue reading


How to recover social share counts after changing domain or protocol!

How to recover lost social share counts after switching domains or protocol!

Have you changed your domain name or moved from http to https ? Have you also changed your permalink structure? Are you worried about your social share counts that have just been completely lost?

You worked so hard to get your content shared and you deserve those counts on your buttons. That’s social proof and we know it’s a business factor. It has a psychological influence on your visitors and that boosts your credibility. Continue reading


How To Get More Comments on your Blog by Saying ‘Thank You’


One simple thing to do to get more comments and engagement on your blog is to say Thank You to your commentators.

“Thank you” can really be an incredibly powerful pair of words in blogging. I think anyone who takes his/her time to read your posts and drop a comment deserves it. You can simply reply to those comments and say those words like others do.

But a better way to do it, probably with a reward is MyCommentAuthors. It’s a simple free WordPress plugin that nicely and effortlessly generates a list of your commentators for a chosen month. Continue reading


Traffic Planet Hosting for WordPress Bloggers ~ The Change!

traffic planet hosting

NB: Traffic Planet Hosting is now called WPX Hosting.Check out my WPX Hosting Review Here!

When there is growth, change is inevitable and my most recent change has been the move from HostGator to WPX Hosting, the fastest WordPress Hosting. I wanted to wait for some months before telling you about this change but I think it’s necessary I give you some basic information now.

I know the impact of this move is not huge now. It grows with time. But it’s still important I get you informed now and give you more information as time goes. Check out my new host here. Continue reading


Bitcoin Alternative ~ SwissCoin, Creating billionaires worldwide!

swisscoin bitcoin logo

The world of digital currency for years has been ruled by BitCoin but that is soon coming to an end. This year, there has been a huge search for the most reliable BitCoin alternative due to  its capacity issues and design flaws.

Bitcoin is a digital currency known as cryptocurrency. It’s a currency not issued by governments or banks. The currency uses some complicated programming to limit the amount of money that can be created.

Users don’t have to worry about these technical details. Just like most of us don’t know what happens with dollars. As soon as we get used to it, it becomes a second nature. Continue reading