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How to boost revenue by 50 – 100 % with Ezoic Google Certified Publishing Partner!

increase revenue

Generating income online these days is increasingly becoming difficult. Traditional money making methods are more and more becoming a disappointment. But there is still a growing need to make that money. That's why Ezoic, a Google Certified Publishing Partner is here to help online entrepeneurs scientifically analyze, test and improve their sites.

With myriads of Ad Networks jumping on the scene every single moment, we constantly get overwhelmed and often confused. There is need for some intelligent tool to get all put together in one place for improved performance.

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How to Create Content Upgrades with Thrive Content Builder!

We've all be made to believe that the only way to easily create content upgrades is to buy some dedicated plugins. That's not true! Thrive Leads is a powerful list building tool. But in this post, I'll show you how to create high converting content upgrade with Thrive Content Builder.

NB: Thrive Lead and Thrive Content Builder are two different plugins by the same company!

If you don't have a copy of Thrive Content Builder, you can get one here. The reason is that this will allow you create animated, eye-candy, stunning and sticky blog posts.

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Corinne Kerston ~ The blogger to connect with this week!

Corinne Kerston

Hey! We are here again to meet someone worth connecting with. As you know, this Thursday series is waxing strong here on my blog. I love the people in my community so I'll keep talking about them 😉

Last week, it was Jasper from Netherlands. Of course, before him, there were many others you can find here.​

As the journey continues with much more excitement, we are flying to Hawaii, where we shall meet an interesting blogger and writer.​

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5 Types Of Blog Home Page templates ~ Which is yours?

There are different types of blog home page templates available today. So I'm happy in this post, we are going to look at five of these and how to get them activated on WordPress blogs.

Trust me, this is going to give your blog a new phase and add quite some bit of more value to your business.​

Looking at my stats in the past couple of months, my home page has been one of the most active pages on my blog. I’m sure yours too has been pretty busy. As a matter of fact, this page is the second most viewed page on my blog.

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How To Write Web Copy That Converts with Jasper Oldersom!

Write Web Copy That Converts

NB: This post was created with Thrive Content Builder

It's another exciting Thursday and we are on our way to Amsterdam where we are meeting a great guy, a copy writer, blogger and friend. I just recently got connected with him and the first time I read his blog, I was caught trying to steal some tricks from it.

This guy knows his thing and I thought it unfair if I don't introduce him to you. Blogging is about content that converts right? That's where Jasper steps in.

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