ETH/USD – Volatility Declines Following Speculative Price Swings

eth usd volatility

As Ether (ETH) celebrated its third birthday on July 30th, the cryptocurrency was showing signs of growing pains as the ETH/USD pair slipped below its 30-day moving average of $460.

The digital token has been slowly losing strength against the US dollar since shooting past $800 in May.

Together, the safe haven of the global economy and the young cryptocurrency are creating big price swings. Ethereum’s volatility (the rate of a change in price from standard returns) is a dizzying 7.2 — almost 10 points above a market-weighted basket of the top six cryptocurrencies.

While being whipped around by ETH, 30-day volatility in the ETH/USD pair has fallen from over 10 in 2016 to below 5 in 2018.

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$100 Bitcoin Investment in 2010 Now Worth $80 Million

The title already seems to be quite comprehensive, although this catchy phrase has a lot of underlying content in it. The fact that your $100 could eventually turn into $80 million seems to be against all the rules of economics. “How can this possibly occur?”, “Did it happen to someone?” and the key question “Can you do that again?”. You’ll get the answers to this questions in the following article. If you’re willing to, then lay back and enjoy.

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