Are You Asking the Wrong Blogging Questions?

I spent the past 30 minutes reading questions on Quora.

I answered some but filtered out a healthy portion of silly questions.


These bloggers asked all the wrong questions.

I am not talking about the common: “How do you make money blogging?” query. This is a legitimate question. If you are new to blogging and have no idea how blogging works of course you want to know how to actually make money through the platform. No worries.

But many bloggers ask silly, low quality questions that show their mind is in the wrong place.

Questions like:

  • “How can I make $10,000 a day through blogging?”
  • “Can you really make money blogging?”
  • “I am a former security guard. Can I become a pro blogger?”
  • “How do I make $100 a day through blogging?”

The list goes on forever. But these are a few common questions – or similar versions of common questions – hamstringing bloggers who waste their time and energy asking low quality questions.

Personal development icon Tony Robbins explains how the quality of your life improves as the quality of your questions improves.

I hate to say these are stupid questions but in truth, each question shows a bit of lazy or flat out, no thinking. Forget common sense; these questions tend to reflect no sense.

Here’s why (corresponding answers):

  • Do you know any profession where a person makes $10,000 a day, every single day? Of course not. Someone asking such a question proves they are stuck in the employee mindset – trading time and expecting a set amount of money for that set amount of time daily – and also has delusional expectations of blogging, as no human being makes $10,000 daily for any craft until they spend years working on their skills.
  • Yes. But asking the question is kinda stupid. You can make money doing anything on earth. Even if you are highly skeptical of blogging, and even if you have struggled, examples of successful bloggers making scrilla litter the web.
  • Every professional blogger I know was a former something. Beyond that, if you are a human being you can change jobs or businesses or you can go from job to entrepreneur, right? Another time and energy waster here, guys.
  • More employee mindset in action here: even though the number is more realistic you are still thinking in terms of an employee who gets paid per hour or who earns a set amount of money daily based on your salary, which is the wrong question to ask if you want to succeed with an entrepreneurial venture like blogging

What is the solution?

Clear your fears around blogging, pick a niche you feel passionate about and follow a few blogging tips leaders to model your blogging campaign after proven, sound, success-promoting principles.

The quality of your questions will change immediately because you will be learning from successful bloggers who steer you in the right direction. Toss in the fact that these pros will answer many of your questions through their free and premium content and you will quickly see why it pays to associate with leaders.

The Ultimate Turning Point

Face your fears.

Feel your fears.

The only reason why you question is because you doubt, or feel unsure about the answer. This is natural and encouraged on some level because we all need to keep asking, probing and learning to grow our blogs.

But if you find yourself asking low quality questions you are vibing too strongly from a fear-skepticism energy, and that vibe needs to go.

If you want to become a fear-slaying machine buy my eBook:

6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears

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