What to Do When You No Longer Have Access to Your Site

What to Do When You No Longer Have Access to Your Site

If you’ve been managing a site for a while then you’ve probably encountered an entire slew of bugs, issues, conflicting code, etc. but what if the worst happens and you’re completely locked out of your site. Imagine a situation where you’re going to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard like you’ve done countless times before and out of the blue – access denied. Your first thought is that you’ve misspelled your password, but when even that doesn’t work panic starts creeping in.

This is the time when you need options, suggestions, anything that will get you to your site and this is also where we come in.

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Learn How to Use WordPress Tags for SEO- Your Site Needs all the Help It Can Get!

You’re probably curious whether WordPress tags help with SEO?


As soon as you saw the headline about WordPress tags for SEO, you clicked. No?

Well, it’s safe to say I came up with an interesting topic for you to read today.

Most WP users have no clue how to use tags for SEO.

Despite the fact that WordPress provided this feature for a reason, most bloggers are clueless about it.

Experts, however, keep an eye on every expect of their website. They leverage their efforts in such a way that every little bit helps, be it:

As far as my take on WordPress tags is concerned, it’s like I saw writing on the wall a long time ago.

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