You need Top Blogging Tools to Succeed in Blogging today!

Success in blogging largely depends on the tools you are using. If you use the wrong tools, you are bound to fail. You may not need all the top blogging tools but some of them are a requirement.

I want to show you some of my main tools because I know they help me grow awesomely. If you want to see growth, you may signup and use some of the tools on this list.

My top blogging tools

1 – SEOtop blogging tools

LongTailPro: This is my preferred desktop SEO tool. It digs deep into Google Keyword planner and help you come out with the right keywords for your online business, including blogging. Check it out here

I also use other SEO tools like SEOPressor for proper OnPage SEO. It helps a lot in generating LSI keywords for my articles.

For Rank tracking and other keywords stuffs, SEOPowerSuit is awesome. Try it out too.

2 – Social media: I use a lot of tools in social media. But these are the ones I can recommend;

  • For Twitter, I use TweetDeck
  • For social sharing and community growth, I use JustRetweet. This allows others to share my tweets
  • For posting to my social media profiles, I use Buffer
  • Another very powerful and highly recommended Twitter management tool I use is MangeFlitter

3 – Graphics: I do most of my designs with Adobe Fireworks. But my preferred tool for all sorts of graphics (infographic, book covers, banners,etc), I use YouZign

4 – PLR Store: PLR articles, designs, websites, videos, audios, etc still have a huge place today. I get my unique PLR items from this PLRSTORE

5 – My blog theme: This blog runs on Prose Genesis theme. Genesis themes are the most sort after in the WordPress world. Check out more 

6 – Webhosting: There are lots of awesome web hosting services out there. Currently, my blog is hosted by HostGator so you may want to check them out.

7 – List Building: Blogging and not building a list is an error. I use INinbox for email marketing and recommend you check out ContentUpgradesPro for content upgrade and list building

8 – Hitmap Tool: In order to know what attracts clicks the most on my blog, I use Ptengine Hitmap tool

9 – Language and proper writing: My English is far from being perfect. That’s why I use Grammerly powerful language tool

10 – Content Building: WordPress traditional content editor is boring. In order to develop content with awesome elements, I use Thrive Content Builder

11 – Tweetable Text: An excellent way to help your readers tweet your blog posts is to use tweetable text within your articles. I use TweetDis, a wonderful plugin to achieve this. Get your highly recommended copy here

12 – Blog commenting: Blog commenting is an important result-driven exercise. On my blog, I use CommentLuv Premium, an wonderful blog commenting plugin that drives traffic!

13 – Content Locking: Content locker is a powerful strategy to get social actions on your content. What happens is, you lock a piece of content and require the reader to carry out a social action (tweet,share,like,follow,etc) to unlock the content. I use SocialLocker for this. Get your copy here

14 – Cash out: I live in a country where getting paid your earnings is not that easy. However, Payoneer puts a smile on our faces by facilitating the process if withdrawing earnings from most platforms online. Order a free MasterCard debit card here for free.

Thanks for checking out this tools page today.