The Importance of Data Security for the Wholesale Business

One of the main steps of preparing a used device for resale is data erasure. The destruction of the previous owner’s personal information from the smartphone provides security and reduces the possibility of data breaches. In this article, we will share some advice on choosing the right data erasure solution for your used phone wholesale business.

The Importance of Data Security for the Wholesale Business

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Selling pre-owned devices carries severe risks associated with data breaches and privacy issues. The only way to eliminate these risks is to use certified software that performs unrecoverable data erasure. Thus, implementing this software into your wholesale business workflow will prevent your company from facing legal consequences.

Data Erasure Software: What It Is and What Features Should It Have

Data erasure software is a solution that wipes personal data from devices and guarantees their unrecoverability.

To ensure effective data protection and secure data destruction, carefully choose the solution that complies with industry standards and legal requirements. The main certifications that the data erasure software should be compliant with are the ADISA and the NIST SP 800-88 regulations. Obtaining these certifications shows a company’s commitment to data security and compliance in contributing to reliable data processing.

What Data Erasure Software to Choose

If you run a wholesale used cell phones business, try the NSYS Data Erasure, which provides safe, secure, certified data wipes from both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices. The NSYS Data Erasure guarantees certified cybersecurity, confirmed by:

  • Verification by the ADISA allows for data wiping against ADISA risk levels 1 and 2 with confidence.
  • Compliance with high industry standards, such as the NIST SP 800-88 and the GDPR, ensures trustworthy data erasure.

The NSYS Data Erasure optimizes the processing of used mobile devices, allowing you to wipe data from multiple smartphones or tablets simultaneously. For each device, you will receive a certificate to confirm that the data has been erased in accordance with international standards.

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