MoboRobo review ~ Free Android and iPhone PC Suite!

Most of us are smartphone users right? It’s interesting how these mini computers are making life easier. Well, most often there is still need to connect our smartphone devices to our personal computers.

That’s why those of us with Android powered phones keep looking for the most advanced android pc suite. Users of iPhone devices are also looking for iPhone pc suite for a better user experience.

For the most part, you will need two software for both systems – an Android phone software and an iPhone software. That makes things a little complex isn’t it? Continue reading


How to double your sales in 3 days – Guaranteed!

You are looking for ways to double your sales right? I’ve got something to share with you because it’s evergreen and produces results day and night.

Recently I did a crazy thing! I bought a piece of software which I did not need immediately. But I knew it would be useful for me in the near future. This act was against my “rules” to purchase something I don’t currently need.

But I went ahead and bought it anyway and I’m sure many others did same.


Just One word…  Continue reading


How to promote a product massively for long term traffic!

Creating and launching a new product is not enough. You must be able to map out strategies to massively promote your product for short term and long term traffic.

There are known methods to take your product to the market and get instant traffic. These are of course paid traffic sources. My problem with these is that as soon as you run out of budget, the traffic instantly stops flowing.

I just read a post on Nanda’s where he mentioned 6 best places to promote your product online.  Nanda mentioned platforms like Google Adword, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, etc. Check out his post for details how to use these platforms.  Continue reading


How CashDonator is helping me make money – My experience!

CashDonator is a smart WordPress plugin just to help you make money. I developed this tool for WordPress bloggers who want smart ways to generate income from their blogs.

Nb: This post is to compliment this one where I wrote on how to get paid $500+ per sponsored campaign. I mentioned about using CashDonator to create review boxes on different pages to give more exposure to your clients. So here,we see how to create those boxes.

There are different ways you can use CashDonator on your blog – collect donations through Paypal, sell your own stuff through Paypal, insert newsletter opt-in forms on post content, publish banners on post content, create review boxes on your blog and add Adsense ads on your blog.

For the most part, all you will need is to copy and past code snippet, then select options to position the boxes. Continue reading


Sponsored Posts ~ How to get paid $500+ per promoted post!

Accepting sponsored posts on your blog is without doubt one of the many ways to make money from your blog. I have written quite interesting materials on this blog aimed at helping my readers generate more and more income from their blogs.

One of these articles I recommend you checkout this moment is this one where I shared 15 ways to make money as a blogger.

A question I get so frequently these days from my readers is how much should they charge per promoted post and how to get paid up to $500 per article on their blogs. Continue reading


Backlink Checker: Monitor Your Backlinks for improved SEO!

In today’s difficult SEO, one of the the seo tools you need is a reliable backlink checker. What this will do is keep an eye on your backlinks and send you an alert whenever there is a change.  This is one of the best ways to avoid the next Google penalty distributions.

MonitorBacnklings.com is a tool I have been using for the past couple of months and because of its results, I have decided to talk about it in this review post.

This seo online tool has a couple of facilities but in this post, I will be dwelling more on its backlink checker and monitor. Continue reading