How To Gain Followers on Twitter: 3 Rules To Grow Your Profile in 2022

It is not a secret that Twitter became a standard for what is in and out, who’s worthy of attention, and what some presidents said about the latest crisis. From celebrities announcing breakups to people who tweet for money – everything you (do not) want in one place. Nonetheless, all your thoughts might be gone with the wind if none get to see them.

It is true that influence requires followers. However, it is often a long journey until you gain reach and visibility. You are probably confused – what is a trendsetter in 2022 and how to make your content attractive and interesting enough to keep the audience.

In this post, we will present you with a list of rules that will ensure your profile’s growth in 2022. Stay with us and find out how to attract and keep followers on Twitter.

Complete your profile

Both my mother and I were trying to make time go faster. She was checking Twitter and I took photos of her, checking Twitter. What a time to be alive.

From the follower’s point of view, it is important to follow a reliable account, which means you need to complete your profile if you want to be taken seriously. So, the first thing first is to fill up every field that the Twitter platform requires.

The next step is to choose a perfect profile picture. This picture says a thousand words about your profile and more important – your personality. Most people choose to follow someone they relate with, someone who motivates them, or just someone they admire. So, choose those words wisely, depending on what audience you want to attract choose your profile picture.

When it comes to words, make your mind right about the nickname that represents you on Twitter. A nickname complements a profile picture – sending the message in the ether by targeting the group you have a message for. Whether you decide to use your real name or an alias this name has to be short, clear, and obvious for the followers to know who they follow.

In the context of what your followers first see, they will definitely look for a creative profile bio. Twitter is known for its short form with a limited number of characters and the bio is not an exception. However, it gives you a little more space to express yourself to those who want to know more about you. Make sure you add a whiff of your unique personality to the bio.

In addition, Twitter offers you to create a header that allows you to fit more data than in the fields we mentioned previously. This is especially useful for business platforms because it helps to create a user-friendly interface and positive mood on your profile, in general. Also, it is strongly recommended to use both text and images here.

The official verification of your profile will definitely help you attract more followers.

Be present: Create and share relevant and useful content

Twitter for desktop

If you ever had a Twitter profile, you must have noticed how quickly and often the feed updates. It is very challenging to be up to date all the time, but if you want people to follow you, you must be present and consistent.

This means you need to create content that keeps people interested. To get this, you need to make an effort and create engaging and exciting content, and a good way for it is to mix up entertainment, education, and/or selling.

Further, whatever direction your profile goes make sure that 80% of your content is a non-promotional kind to 20% promotional. For what it is worth, people follow you for you and entertainment. Twitter is a unique platform where the CIA is free to be funny, why should not you be?

However, do not forget the ultimate influence you want to reach with your profile. You need to share relevant content by using keywords and the right hashtags. Not everything is supposed to be funny (except if it is your goal, then just go for it), you can use your profile as a channel to promote your values and send the message out there.

So, make sure you share visual content (images, videos) and interact with other people on Twitter because there is plenty of room for it. You should follow others in your industry, retweet other influencers, comment on current events and reply to mentions. At the end of the day, content is what makes people stay.

Unify your presence on every social network

If you read this, we assume you already have more or less successful profiles on other social networks. Hence, if you do have it, be sure you present your Twitter profile there too. Twitter is different enough from other social networks that people will, for sure, be happy to follow you on Twitter and other accounts.

We encourage you to remind your Instagram followers to check out your Twitter profile or even better – add your Twitter link to your email signature. This will ensure that all outgoing communication includes mention of your Twitter profile.