How to Create A Profitable Digital Business in Cameroon

Start a highly profitable  digital business in cameroon with less than 21,000 FCFA, sitting at home

This book was specifically written for you in Cameroon, pointing out a massively neglected digital business model that will practically trigger a crazy flow of FCFA to your Mobile Money Account

This is not about Affiliate Marketing. It’s not about Influence Marketing. It’s a hidden idea that has generated millions of US Dollars for folks like you worldwide. The good news is that it works for us in Cameroon.


Digital Marketing Expert, Buea Cameroon

I love the read, the book breaks down very simple and applicable steps for any beginner to learn and start to practice todayYou don’t need a website, no special tech kills and prior experienceIf you have a brain and an Andriod phone, the next thing you should need the are quick ideas Enstine shared here. I like that he mentions most of the things I’ve tried and which worked for me as I learnt and grew in them

You can start a very profitable business online in Cameroon Right Now

The world is changing very fast and there are more and more opportunities jumping into our hands. Unfortunately, most of us are blinded by the shining fake distractions.

At the same time, we are seen every moment moving from one office to the other with piles of documents and job application letters.

I do not blame you at all if you are guilty. It’s absolutely not your fault because you were not given this opportunity before now.

If you close this page and walk away without taking the necessary action, chances are that you will be moving to some brick and mortar office tomorrow to look for 9-5 job.

And right now, you have a smartphone. You have access to the Internet. You are even active on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Sadly, all you do is look for friends, engage in worthless discussions, waste time and bandwidth while you draw near old age.

Please hold on for a moment:.

Do you have a job? Are you a professional at something? Do you want additional income? Do you want money sent to your Mobile Money Account?

Keep reading as I bring this to your door steps.


My name is Enstine Muki. I’m a full time digital marketer from Cameroon. I wrote this book to help you with information that will certainly usher something new to your life.

Earning money online in Cameroon is possible. In many of my meetings, I have demonstrated and proven that you can be full time in Cameroon working online. It doesn’t matter where you are from and what you are doing at the moment. The Internet is a sea of opportunities.

In this book, I bring to your attention one of the ways I generate income online as a digital entrepreneur. The fun is that many Cameroonians skip over this every day, leaving money on the table.

Before I move on, let’s see what some Cameroonians who got a copy of this book have to say:

Another goldmine of strategies from E.M for those willing to put into practice. Being in the Cameroonian corporate world for over a year, I can say without doubt that idea #2 will sell crazy. Your strategies are all gold! Thanks for always shinning the light for us all brother!

Fru Godwill


Starting up a business in Cameroon is one and having a profitable idea is another thing.

Enstine’s idea of creating a simple yet powerful digital business is little known in Cameroon. But it’s a huge income earner if you work on it. Anyone can do this, with or without a job.

Vanessa B.


Perfect timing! could not think of anything better than this book for a guide to making money online. Its amazing how he brings it out so clear and easy to follow.

I believe with a lil creativity, making money online is a life saver. HiddenProfit will do the job for you, better than you expect!

Cordelia B.


But what is this business idea all about?

Ok let me quickly answer this question by telling you what this is NOT!

We’ve heard a million times that people make money online in Cameroon. That’s true because I do as well. But what do they do to earn online?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influence Marketing
  • Drop Shipping
  • Coaching
  • Advertising
  • Freelancing
  • Video Editing
  • Article Writing
  • Creating Websites

HiddenProfit is not one of these

These are all beautiful and I do a lot them. As a matter of fact, all I have listed above are genuine. But this book shows you something else I have not listed.

15 ideas to start with!

To help set your brain to work, in this book, I have given you 15 ideas. You may want to start off with any of them.

But these are just 15 ideas (out of millions) to set your brain rolling. Once you go through the book, you will be fully informed and fueled to start your own business.

Lengwe Christian


As a Cameroonian with a great mine,  I think Enstine’s digital business idea is profitable. I have not seen it often done in Cameroon but he just succeeded in making me see how imminence the industry is.

I do not understand why educated Cameroonians should not read this e-book. It may not make you rich over-night but definitely, you can build a massive source of income out of it.

Give it a try. The price is a steal.

Here is how to get your copy !

Price will go up to 7,500 FCFA in:

7,500 FCFA

Pay 3,500  Now!

Payment Method #1

  • Send MoMo to: 677 26 74 59 Or Orange Money to: 655 03 91 07. Name on account is Muki Enstine Musaga
  • Click here to contact me on WhatsApp with payment details (name of sender and number sent from)
  • The book will be delivered to your WhatsApp or Email

Payment Method #2 (In this method, you will be able to download instantly after validating payment)

Hot Bonuses Worth 12,000 FCFA

Buy HiddenProfit now for 3,500 FCFA and I will send the following to you for free:

#1. Cryptocurrencies in Cameroon

This is the best-selling book on the topic in Cameroon. This book has been read and recommended by hundreds of experts in the industry.

Read this book and you are never going to make a stupid mistake in Cryptocurrency

Price: 5,000 FCFA

#2. Content is Money

This is the eye opener when it comes to content marketing in Cameroon. Specifically written for our country, this book will clear every doubts about making money with content in Cameroon.

Price: 7, 000 FCFA

What do you need to succeed in this business?

The first thing you need is this book to let you know this business is gold mind. A friend who got into it last year generated over 10M FCFA being in Cameroon.

There are no special requirement apart from a notebook, a pen, a computer and a debit Card from any of the banks in Cameroon. If you don’t have a computer, there is no problem at all. You may spend a few hours in a cyber cafe to have this done


Is there any guarantee to make money?

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s simply an idea to create a business. How much money you make and how soon depends on how you develop your digital business.

How long will it take me to start seeing results ?

First you have to come up with an idea. Then develop it into a business. Follow the guide in the book to get the business to the market. This will depend on a number of factors so I can’t say how long it can take.

Are there printed copies of the book?

At the moment, there are no printed copies.

Will the business idea be saturated ?

Not at all. The industry is more than 90% unexploited.

About the Author

Enstine Muki is a prolific blogger, serial entrepreneur, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Bishop and preacher of the Gospel. With over 10 years working online from Cameroon, Enstine has written and featured on hundreds of content websites around the world with engaging and actionable content.

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