Cryptocurrencies in Cameroon! The must-read book before your next investment – Download FREE!

My name is Enstine Muki and I’m a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert by Blockchain Council.

I wrote this book “Cryptocurrencies in Cameroon” to share my experiences and help my fellow Cameroonians escape the traps of the new monster.

Cryptocurrencies have been part of the ways I make money online. I have also lost money to bad offers in the industry.

So I can identify those SCAM projects from kilometers away. And I can tell you whether or not you should invest in a Cryptocurrency.

My experiences have taught me some lessons and I’m bent on sharing these experiences with you. Where I made money, I want to show you and where I lost money, I want you to avoid the traps.

The truth is that it does work in Cameroon. But you have to be extremely careful.

There are hundreds of marketers out there telling you to put money here or there.


Most of them just want the commissions. That’s the simple truth. If you follow them and invest your money, they are going to earn the MLM commissions and awards.

That’s just what motivates many of the Crypto Network marketers we have around us. Very few of them have taken the pains to study the products they promote.

Here is even what makes it more annoying

They don’t tell you the risk. They know if they underline the obvious risks, you are either going to walk away or you cut down on the amount you want to invest. And that means they will lose the commissions.

Of course some of them don’t even know the risks…

So they focus on the commissions they earn and not the value of the products they sell.

The worst part of the game is they will ask you to go and bring your friends too. Invite everyone in your family to their seminars and they show you shinny earnings tables.

Then you are going to pull your contacts into their dirty game. The next thing is that the company will shut down and you will find yourself behind bars.

But you can avoid this shame with the help of the book “Cryptocurrencies in Cameroon”

This book is my experience. It’s your walking stick into the land of Cryptocurrencies in Cameroon. It’s practical and actionable tips on what you should do in Cameroon.

Many have contacted me in the past to find out if they should invest in this or that coin. I will take my time, do some research and share my sincere opinion. For the most part, I’m not wrong:

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And reading this book, you are going to be able to spot these bad offers a long distance away. People lose money in Cryptocurrencies because they don’t want to educate themselves.

But this book is what you need without paying high fees.

Here is another deal!

Once you grab your copy of this book, you are going to have my direct contact so you can go one-on-one with me for more practical tips.

Book Highlights

  • Understand what Cryptocurrency is.
  • Understand Blockchain and how it powers cryptocurrency.
  • 7 ways to make money in Cryptocurrency and which is most profitable.
  • 10 ways to identify SCAM Cryptocurrency companies/dealers.
  • 6 ways to identify VERY PROFITABLE Cryptocurrency opportunities.
  • Dangers of Network Marketing in Cryptocurrencies
  • How SCAMMERS use early birds to deal with you mercilessly.
  • Why you should not store your coins in Exchange wallets.
  • Different types of wallets and where exactly to secure your coins.
  • How to convert your Cryptocurrencies to FCFA.
  • Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Bounties and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Which coin I think will be the next Bitcoin and why I’m holding up to 500 pieces for long term.
  • A list of some 20 very promising cryptocurrencies you should consider
  • And much more.

Why you are wrong if you don’t download the book “Cryptocurrencies in Cameroon”

You will be doing yourself evil if you don’t grab this book.

I do not know what you think about the statement above but it’s just the simple truth.


Few years back, many Cameroonians thought Orange Money and MTN Mobile Mobile were bad games. They ran from these services and called them names.

But today, over 5 Billion FCFA is transacted daily by these two giants. It’s a huge income earner for the early birds who believed and embraced it.

Today, we have our chance again in Cryptocurrency. Are you still going to be fooled by some low thinking folks who lack foresight?

Think about it…

1 Bitcoin in 2010 was less than $1.

If you spent just 1000 FCFA, that would have given you at least 1000 BTC making you a billionaire (in dollars) today.


Because 1 Bitcoin today is over $6000. That’s over 3 Million FCFA. Imaging someone giving you 1000 pieces now. what is 3 Million multiplied by 1000?

A few days ago, I was with a friend. He invested 620,000 FCFA in Cryptocurrency in deep regrets. His own friend (now a multimillionaire) advised him in 2014 to invest just 50,000 FCFA in Bitcoin.

My friend said he deliberately refused and tagged it Internet Scam. The other guy (his own friend) went ahead and bought hundreds of pieces and today he owns houses in Europe and Africa.

It’s not too late though. Now is time to catch up like my friend.

Where is the Head Office of Bitcoin?

The other day I was having fun with a Crypto and blogging friend (in a shop where we paid our bills in Bitcoins), I was really embarrassed.

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A group of guys walked in and sat on the next desk. One of them became so bitter at noticing Bitcoin was accepted by that vendor as means of payment.

He made disgracing and annoying statements that picked my attention. Yes he was really bitter against Cryptocurrencies in generally.

At one point, he asked me where is the head office of Bitcoin?

OMG! My jaws dropped.

It’s like asking me where is the head office of Money Transfer?

Neither Cryptocurrency nor Bitcoin is a company for God’s sake!

Cryptocurrency is an Industry. Bitcoin is a product that has grown into an industry as well.

You get to learn all of this in my book. Go ahead and grab your copy.

I look forward to hearing from you.