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How to Never Run out of Blog Post Ideas


I write 2-5 guest posts daily.

I never run out of blog post ideas.

Writer’s block can feel frustrating. If you’re like me, you have stared at a blank screen for minutes, wondering why the blogging gods aren’t supplying you with a rich supply of blog post ideas.

Fortunately, like all mental blocks, dissolving writer’s block is not too difficult if you follow a few basic, simple tips.

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How to Write and Self Publish eBooks Quickly

I wrote and self-published one eBook daily for 90 days in a row.

During this prolific tear I fine-tuned a few practical tips for writing and self-publishing eBooks pronto.

Many aspiring authors feel intimidated by the writing process. Some mistakenly believe eBooks need to be in-depth, long term creations, taking months to research and write.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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How to recover deleted files quick with EaseUS free data recovery software!

In today’s digital world, computer storage devices is a major part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, this comes with its own problems.

Everyone moves around with at least mobile phone that has some digital storage facility. This helps up store files including photos, movies, sound files, etc. Students as well as teachers have a huge portion of their course materials in some digital storage organ. Continue reading

InvestFeed Tipping Feature: How to Enable and Configure it!

I’m so excited to have been on Investfeed this early. I can foresee quite exciting social trading days ahead.

InvestFeed is social platform Cryptocurrency traders. I wrote about it in the past here. It’s growing day by day and you can find my profile here.

We know of the new monetizing feature that’s getting everyone excited. But I have seen a huge number of users still finding it hard to milk the goodness out of it.

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4 Successful Internet Marketing Tips

Back when I was a wee lass online lass nearly a decade ago I had no clue in Hades what internet marketing even was.

I recall plunking down a few hundred bucks and beginning my blogging and internet marketing campaigns in one fell swoop.

I had no idea what I was doing. Even worse, I picked a mentor who wasn’t exactly a kind, generous, helpful guy.

I had to learn successful internet marketing tips by attending the school of hard knocks.

It does not have to be the same way for you.

Today I want to share 4 successful internet marketing tips to cut your learning curve dramatically.

1: Follow a Heart-Centered Mentor

I would have cut my marketing learning curve by years if I had followed a skilled, heart-centered, trustworthy mentor from day 1.

Unfortunately, I skipped my mentor due diligence and picked someone who didn’t have my best interests at heart when I was a newbie nearly a decade ago online.

My second mentor was not particularly engaging either.

Either way, I own each experience because if I did my homework I would have picked a heart-centered, generous, skilled, giving mentor who would have taught me how to market properly.

Do your due diligence. Seek out helpful bloggers. Pinpoint compassionate and knowledgeable internet marketers.

Make your internet marketing life easier.

Learn from the best what it takes to succeed.

Subscribe to their lists, read their blogs, buy their products and hire them to coach you.

The time and money you spend now will save you year’s worth of heartache over the long haul.

2: Market for the Right Reasons

Market to give.

Promote to have fun.

Share to spread love.

Market for the right reasons to become a successful marketer.

Marketers tend to market predominantly to get. These folks run into countless issues because if your getting energy supersedes your giving energy you won’t do the learning, the studying, the practicing, the creating and the connecting to make a serious impact online.

All marketing getting is the result of generous marketing giving.

Market to help people with some valued product or service.

Enjoy the ride. Market with love, for fun.

You will do all the right things to build your marketing campaign on a rock solid foundation.

3: Create Generously

Create content generously.

The more freely you give the more easily you receive.

Be a generous internet marketer to create the illusion of being all over the place.

Smart marketers see content as the spine of their marketing campaign.

Create content regularly to drop little seeds of value through various channels online.

Run a well-stocked, self-hosted WordPress blog. Create videos on YouTube. Publish a podcast. Share helpful content on social media.

Free givers do nicely in the internet marketing game because generous marketers appear to be everywhere at once, serving, helping and drawing in traffic and profits.

4: Target Target Target

Target your marketing campaign.

Spread the word intelligently.

Targeting your campaign helps you avoid time wasting activities like pitching uninterested parties or spamming folks who have zero interest in your offer.

Integrate SEO into your blog and sales pages. Allow search engine traffic to flow to your sites. Build your blog posts and videos around niche specific keywords to send clear signals to search engines.

Learning SEO and applying these principles attracts targeted, passive traffic to your blog and website.

Hang in spots where readers and potential customers dig your offering, from related Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities.

Stay on topic with every post.

The eBook

If you want successful home based marketing tips buy my eBook:

How to Become a Successful Home Based Marketer

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How have you become a successful internet marketer?


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