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10 Best Android Apps for Small Business

10 must-have Android Apps for Small Business->

You are the owner of a small business, you want to get more benefits from your business, right?

You have a Smartphone, Fablet, Pad or Table with Android Operating System? If yes, you can easily get more benefits from your business by using some free and premium Android Apps. You can easily do some of your business tasks using these apps from anywhere, anytime.

There are several Android Apps for Small Business available that are easy to use and simple to track all of your business activities. Just install these apps on your Smartphone or tablet and use them properly.


Thrive Content Builder Alternative ~ Forge content Builder

Thrive Content Builder Alternative  -> Forge content Builder, an excellent front end page builder designed to create amazing layouts that impress your visitors.  Forge is snappy and very fast to manage, allowing you to create entire layouts in minutes, not hours.

Forge plugin is fully compatible with every single WordPress template in the market. With Forge WordPress content editor, you do everything in the front-end of your website and see results in real time, without need to preview.


Value $500 Software Giveaway-FlipHTML5 Celebrates Third Anniversary with Month-Long Specials

New and existing customers of FlipHTML5 are set to benefit from a number of free and discounted offers in the month of June, as the company celebrates its third year in business.

FlipHTML5 is pleased to announce a month-long celebration for the month of June, in observance of its third anniversary. During the 30-day period, the company will have numerous giveaways and deals, as well as discounts of up to 100 percent on its range of premium software, as well as from industry partners.


How this free plugin generates 215 commentators with 417 comments!

Today is Thursday! It’s the weekday I normally talk about someone awesome. But this week, I’m not going to talk about one blogger. I’m talking about 215 bloggers – awesome men and women on the list generated by this free plugin.

These are bloggers who despite being busy, created some minutes to read my articles and drop at least one comment in the month of May 2016.

There was a total of 417 comments (not counting my replies) and I must underline here that in the month of May, I was less active online. But I’m not surprised I got this number of comments from my wonderful readers.


Solopreneur Review ~ Blogging Theme for Bloggers & Marketers!

Solopreneur review – Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme for Bloggers and Marketers, from the guys of FancyThemes!

The WordPress Theme industry is increasingly becoming very busy. Thousands of places to buy any theme from but one still has to be cautious.

While beautifully designed WordPress themes don’t mean your business will see success, poorly coded and woefully designed templates can pull your growth down the ladder.

One of the responsive premium themes I have been testing lately is FancyThemes’ Solopreneur. When I read from Devesh Sharma of FacnyThemes about this new addition to their collection, I knew something has been released to pick the interest of bloggers and online entrepreneurs.


Scarcity Marketing: What is it? How does it increase conversion?

Scarcity Marketing is one old  marketing technique that has survived time and changes. It’s a principle that’s based on creating the fear of shortage in the market in order to sell more.

It’s a great way to get your customers to buy from you sooner rather than later by making them feel if they don’t act now, tomorrow may be too late.

Marketers use this ‘sales technique’ to place a limitation on a product or service with the goal of increasing sales through pressure placed on the consumer.

The fear of missing out causes people to make the decision to buy earlier. The limitation can be a time based deadline or a limited quantity, often mixed with some kind of perceived benefit for acting quickly, like a reduced price, a bonus item, etc.