How to Deal with People Who Don’t Believe Blogging Is a Real Job

You may be dealing with a poop load of blogging resistance.

Because you don’t work a “real job” according to some people.

I know.

When new to blogging, family and friends asked me when I was going to land a real job. A job that paid the bills. A job that afforded me generous medical benefits.

Even today, some folks believe I am sitting on a computer all day long, dawdling around, passing the time doing something silly, or trivial.

In certain cultures where blogging is slowly gaining traction as a viable means of earning a full time income you may face harsh criticism from family and friends about all the time you’re spending online. Some folks may be entirely incredulous about blogging, believing it is a myth, a fallacy, or some fabrication of yours that helps you avoid the Real World.

I want to share a 6 word mantra that will free you from criticism, anger, resenmtent, jealousy, and any other energy that flows your way from unclear folks.

“All About Them Not About You”

If someone doesn’t believe blogging is a real, legitimate job or business or if they scoff at their perception of the little-ness and silliness of your blogging gig, believing that you mindlessly drool all over a computer, it says *everything* about them and their perception and *nothing* about you.

Any time someone appears to be critical of you, they are seeing you through their own chosen prism of fear-based emotions, including anger, resentment, jealousy, and an overall lack of clarity that reflects someone who in truth, admires what you do.

If someone from your town or village tells you to get a real job or to build a legitimate business or admonishes you to stop typing away at a keyboard all day so you can get back to the real world (what is that, anyway? LOL!) it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the individual who offers the statement.

I have dealt with all manner of resistance from family, friends and complete strangers over the years. During my early days, since I lacked clarity in my choice to be a pro blogger and to render useful service to other human beings in the very real, very genuine, very authentic realm of cyber space, I lashed out at people who criticized me, licking my wounds, acting like a baby throwing a vicious fit, a Blogging Baby Huey who was a little too loony.

These days, even if the folks I am closest to question why I do what I do, if it is legitimate, and attempt to dissuade me from blogging as much as I do, I sit unstirred. No fear there. No anger there. No lack of clarity there. Peace. Calm. Love. Fun. No fighting.

I have fun rendering generous service to human beings for an extended period of time every day. Like any business owner, offline or online. Like any employee, offline or offline.

If someone shares a different, critical opinion of how I view my life, it has…..everything to do with them and nothing to do with me. So I carry on, smiling, knowing the argument involves the individual and themselves, and has nothing to do with me.

Bloggers Worldwide, Unite!

To all my African bloggers, Indian bloggers, Pakistani bloggers, Bangladeshi bloggers, and rocking bloggers in all nations where blogging is still seen with a skeptical eye by the general public, I know what you are going through. 9 years ago I recall my mom telling me “Let’s face it; you’re an office worker”, when I talked about making money online.

I love my mom heaps. But her view of me had everything to do with her and nothing to do with me.

20 years ago, most folks in the USA saw blogging as a joke, a scam, or a totally illegitimate way to try to make a living. Today, the perception has changed.

Most folks in your homeland may feel how they did in my country 20 years ago, totally skeptical of blogging, of its income potential, and of its immeasurable impact on other human beings around the world.

When folks tell me I am wasting my time on the internet, I smile.

When folks tell me I am sitting there working when I should be out enjoying life, interacting with human beings in an offline setting and getting away from the computer, I chuckle a little more.

All I do is spread love and have fun and render useful service all day long, interacting with, befriending and connecting with real, flesh and blood, human beings from around the globe.

What a gift!

Don’t allow an unclear person’s views to sway you, my fellow blogging big dawgs.

Have fun with blogging. Render useful service. Be generous. See and feel the human beings you are helping, inspiring and serving through the medium called the internet.

In time, the blogging tide will change in your country too as more folks get clear, open up and see this blessed tool we have at our disposal to bring human beings together, called “blogging”.

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