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SwissCoin Cryptocurrency Wallet ~ The people’s coin is here!

Many outsiders have made erroneous conclusions about Swisscoin digital currency. The simple reason is that they are outsiders who’ve focused mainly on the Network Marketing platform of Swisccoin to seal their judgement in pure misunderstanding.

The strategy SwissCoin has put in place to market its product is tough enough, even for competitors to digest. For the past one year (As Swisscoin in just 1 year on the 1st of May 2017), the company has mainly focused on building a marketplace of buyers who will have enough SwissCoin purchasing power.

This of course will position SwissCoin ecosystem as the irresistible network no merchant is ready to stay out of. With over 5000 merchants at the moment, SwissCoin stands to be a major Bitcoin Alternative in the next few years.

SwissCoin Cryptocurrency Wallet

We know of course that the blockchain explorer is available here. All trasactions that happen (by users doing coin transfers from their ewallets) can be viewed live on the explorer.  The wallet is where you view your coin balance and make transfers from one account to the other.

The SwissCoin ewallet is available here.

SwissCoin Crytocurrency ewallet

Creating your Wallet is that simple. Enter a complex password and click the Create Wallet button.

SwissCoin Crytocurrency wallet

Click the “Download” button to download your json file. This file and your password are the items you need to login to your ewallet. Note that there is no password recovery tool at the moment. So you have to keep these elements carefully.

You may want to also scan the QR code to access and store your wallet address and Private Key on your mobile device.

How do you access your SwissCoin Wallet?

You will need your json file and password to access your wallet. Remember the json file that was generated when you created your wallet? It has to be stored somewhere you can always access each time you want to login.

On the wallet page, click “Access Existing Wallet

SwissCoin Crytocurrency wallet json

At the moment of writing, the only option available is your JSON file. Once you click the button, you will be able to browse your computer and upload the file from where it’s stored.

swisscoin wallet

Select the wallet file, enter your password and click the UNLOCK button to access your account.

Once in, you will be able to transfer coins to other accounts and of course, view the transaction history of your wallet.

swisscoin ewallet

A couple of things you should note here

  • As this is the first release, there may be some changes in the weeks or months ahead.
  • You are not able to convert coins to your local currency from within your wallet.
  • With the API release, more and more platforms will come up for trading and cash withdrawal.

How to move your coins to the wallet

At the moment, coins are visible within the MLM accounts. Swisscoin uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm so there won’t be need for any heavy investments in miners. We await instructions on how to move the coins to the new wallet.

If you’ve not invested in SwissCoin digital currency, you should seriously be thinking about it. Click here to join for free and instantly have 100 free coins. This is promotion that ends soon.

Once you’ve created your account, you can contact me and ask any questions or click here for some more articles I have written about swisscoin.

Drop a comment let  me know what you think and please, share this article on social media.

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Ashvin - May 13, 2017

HI Enstine,
Its really a good news, many peoples are saying that there is a great future of cryptocurrency. After reading this post, I am also thinking to invest in swisscoin.

Thanks for this valuable sharing.


Ryan Biddulph - May 8, 2017

Really cool Enstine. I genuinely believe we are moving into a new age with currency, and Swisscoin is at the forefront. All currency is, is an agreement. Bunch of folks agree on a money, it’s worth and then trade it back and forth. As we progress it helps to open up to all types of currencies because a select few will become the most frequently traded forms of dough/money. Methinks Swisscoin is at the head of the line here.


Mokua Melchizedeck - May 6, 2017

I must say bitcoin has been going up and up in the recent years and now Swisscoin is here. I hope to see the same trend with it too. I haven’t invested any amount yet with Swisscoin but given the circumstances i am thinking of giving it a try. I hope it will be a good fit.Once again thanks Enstine.

Sheeroh - May 4, 2017

Hey Enstine,

I’m quite curious about cryptocurrency and I believe it’s a great way to invest your money. I put a little money in Bitcoin last year as an experiment 🙂 and the fear I had of it went away. Let me research some more on Swisscoin too! What are your thougths on Dash and Monero coins?

    Enstine Muki - May 4, 2017

    Hey Sheeroh,
    How are you doing and how is Kenya? I spent a few hours there 2 weeks ago on my way to/from Dubai. Nice place 😉

    Wow! Imagine where you would be if you invested $5000 in bitcoin back in those days. It’s flying now. Have you read about the Norwagian guy who invested $22 in 2009 and found himself with over $800000 in 2013?

    You really should give SwissCoin a try. It’s surely going to be another huge bank 😉

    Yes I know those two but haven’t invested in any of them. I did some investment in Ethereum, being the second after BTC. Hope the future is bright there too 😉

    Do you want us talk more about SwissCoin? I’d like to visit your country for seminars and presentations

IKECHI - May 3, 2017

Hi Enstine

Great news it is good that I invested in Swisscoin. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

Nayab Khan - May 3, 2017

I don’t have much knowledge about cryptocurrency but i am getting hold of it now. Learning a lot through the series of post.


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