5 Simple Ways To Engage Your Social Media Audience

With 3 billion users worldwide, marketing on social media is a no-brainer.

But with so many users online, there are now thousands of businesses just like yours vying for their attention.

So what can you do to boost your brand on social media and keep your audience engaged?

1) Competitions

Competitions on social media are a great way to boost brand awareness as well as gain commitment from your customers.

By providing a competition and a prize you are getting their attention. By requiring action from them in order to enter the competition you are engaging them.

And by acquiring their contact details such as an e-mail address to enter the competition, you are gaining commitment and invaluable data for further campaigns.

Another great way to use competitions to boost your brand is by asking users to “share” your post in order to enter. That way, users are promoting your brand on your behalf and the competition is getting free publicity.

It also requires minimal effort from your customers so they are more likely to get involved.

2) Video

In today’s low attention span society, the video is a great way to get customers’ attention. In fact, video usage has grown by almost 10 million daily views in the last couple of years!

It’s also a great way to convey a lot of information in a short space of time and can increase information retention by up to 55%.

Regularly posting video content on your social media channels is, therefore, a no-brainer if you’re trying to increase engagement. You can use video to promote your products, introduce a new venture or simply to entertain your audience.

But don’t just post your own content on social media. Posting and sharing videos from other sources is also a great way to engage your audience.

As long as you’re not breaking any copyright laws, you can post videos from various sources to entertain or inform your audience.

For example, if you are a clothing company specializing in outdoor pursuits, you can share videos of rock-climbers in amazing locations or crazy mountain expeditions.

Naturally, you won’t be promoting videos by your competitors but sharing content from relevant sources that may be of interest to your customers will help cement you in their minds as a knowledge, useful and informative brand in your industry.

3) Interactive

Interactive content is also a great way to engage your audience beyond just liking or sharing your content. Providing content that requires a level of interaction such facebook quizzes will encourage users to spend more time on your page and commit in some way.

The key is to keep them short and require minimal effort for maximum entertainment.

For example, if you’re a wedding band, you can entice users with a fun and easy quiz about wedding songs played by your leading wedding guitarist.

It could include questions about which songs are most popular for the first dance as well as what they weirdest requests are for songs at weddings.

This is also a great way to gain information and data about your customers. Asking for them to register an e-mail address to get their quiz results or to answer a quick survey before accessing the material.

But be selective when doing this, don’t ask for too much or customers will not commit.

4) Exclusive Offers

Consumers like to feel that they’re getting something for nothing. Offering a discount code or exclusive offers to users who like your Facebook page is a great way to increase engagement and gain loyalty from your customers.

Facebook offer ads are also a great way of attracting your desired audience and increasing your conversions. Doing so through the Facebook Ads allows you to actively target your existing customers as well as specific potential new customers.

You can also send this service to remind customers about the offer before it expires to encourage them to make the purchase.

5) Engage With Your Audience

You’ll never fully engage your audience if you don’t engage WITH your audience. Reply to their comments, ask questions, and provide a personalized approach. Consumers today expect a more personalized service from companies.

Thanks to advancements in technology, they have direct access to companies and when they ask questions, they expect them to be answered.

The importance of engaging with your audience is undisputed, but truth be told, it can be time-consuming as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to snatch a software that will give you a helping hand in automating other tasks, such as Jarvee.

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Social media is a great platform to reach millions of potential customers. When posting and sharing content on social media, try to keep it relevant, entertaining or informative at all times.

Make sure you provide plenty of back-links to your own website as well as regular offers and promotions that encourage customers to make purchases.

Competitions, quizzes, surveys and exclusive offers are all great ways of engaging customers but remember to keep everything short and to the point and don’t ask for too much from your users or they will quickly lose interest.

The video is a fantastic way to convey a lot of information in a short space of time so remember to use visual content across all your social media channel on a regular basis.

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