December 2014 Report – Income, 188 authors, 528 Comments!

Wow! This is January 2015. Another year behind us 😉

You know why I’m even more excited? The fact that you are reading this post 😉 Yes! You again are here this year 2015. That’s the beauty of the whole thing.

You are y very precious gift this year. Everything else can go but with you, I’m so satisfied. Thanks for making it again to my blog.

One thing is very sure – we have beautiful days ahead my dear friend. FYI, Nothing shall stop us! I’m going to keep nothing back from you this year. Just make sure you are on my list here. Watch as we make it big this year.


MoboRobo 3.0 ~ Most Intuitive Android PC Manager

In my last Moborobo review, I brought to you with a great deal of excitement some interesting details about the most robust smartphone PC manager, Moborobo. It’s is the cross platform software that helps you move contacts and other information between Android and iOS devices.

I know as a smartphone user, it makes more sense to be able to effortlessly connect your phone to your PC, move pictures and movies, contacts, download stuffs, etc so that’s what you get with MoboRobo.


24,000 BroadedNet Credits Gift From Adesoji Adegbulu!

This is one of the most exciting Christmas seasons ever 😉 as more and more broadedNet members are showing appreciation and spreading gifts to fellow members.

We had a gift from Jackson here, then another gift from a member here.

Today, Adesoji Adegbulu, a blogger and businessman from Nigeria says he will not be left behind. He just purchased credits worth $80 and asked me to share to broadedNet members as special New Year Gift.


Big Santa’s gifts from iSkysoft ~ all-in-one Video Solution!

This Christmas is awesome with gifts from left to right. iSkysoft has come up so powerfully with a big Santa’s gift for you. This All-in-One Video Solution is absolutely what you will need to save Holiday Memories.

Don’t let those hot moments with family and friends die off without capturing them for posterity. The iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe will help you convert, Edit, Burn and share those Christmas unforgettable moments on any device.


Excellent copyright-Free Images Finder with Editor for your blog!

If you are into blogging or any form of business these days, you probably know the important role played by images in communication and branding.

For most of us, it is so frustrating searching for copyright-free images online. And when you think you found one only to realize you need Photoshop or Gimp to touch it up to your taste.

Because of these and many more difficulties, must of us bloggers have resorted to ‘stealing’ images from Google and other platforms, not knowing the heavy negative consequences.

Stealing images is a very serious offense. It infringes on people’s rights, violates their privacy, abuses their work and may likely expose you to unwanted legal action. Many of us have either been victims of this or know someone who has.