Let me set your blog up for free

Installing WordPress is easy!

But there are things you shouldn't take lightly.

The technical aspect of your blogging business needs someone who has been in it for years:

I have been doing this since 2011. So you see why you don't have to worry anymore.

And I want to do it for you for free. It's give-back time right?

7 years in blogging, connecting with awesome people and making money. It's just time to give back to the community.

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Get my ebook "Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers" FREE with this Free Blog Setup Service

Maybe you know your way out but you are just too busy with other things. There is absolutely no reason to keep pushing things ahead. You can have your blog running in the next few hours.

Here is what I can do for your new blog

  • Install the latest WordPress version
  • Install and setup Yoast SEO plugin
  • Configure your permalink structure
  • Completely secure your blog
  • Install and configure your Premium Theme
  • Get your logo up and well placed
  • Optimize your new blog for speed
  • Create your Contact Page (Just give me the field names and email address to receive the messages from your site)
  • Set your Primary Menus (This always gets many beginners so confused)

Let's talk about security

WordPress is open source. That means anyone has access to the source code and that's a security problem.

But don't worry!

Your web hosting company (the one I recommend) takes care of part of this security.

Here is how I also come in:

  • Setup a daily backup system for your blog
  • Hide your wp login url. Only you alone knows how to login. This is a big security point
  • Secure your blog against internal and external Brute Force Attacks
  • Change your Database table names. Very Powerful security step
  • Protect your blog against random login attempts
  • Change default username ID (often used by hackers to break any blog)

How much do you pay me?

Absolutely nothing.


But I'm paid by BlueHost or SiteGround

These are the two premium WordPress hosting services I have chosen to work with based on a number of factors:

  • 1
    These are both industry leaders when it comes to WordPress hosting
  • 2
    Price friendly. You can start your blog for less than $50, first year
  • 3
    BlueHost gives you a free domain for year 1
  • 4
    They have absolutely amazing customer services
  • 5
    Highly configured servers for speed and security
  • 6
    Trusted by millions of satisfied website owners who cannot be wrong

How to start

For you to benefit from this awesome service, you'll have to buy hosting from any of these two in a way they are going to track the sale to me. They pay me a commission for each sale I make. That's called Affiliate Marketing.

The first thing you should do is clear your browser cache. If you don't do this, the sale may be attributed to someone else. Then click any of the links below:


  • Excellent WordPress hosting services.
  • Less than $50 first year
  • Free domain name first year
  • Excellent customer services


  • Excellent WordPress hosting services.
  • Less than $50 first year
  • No free domain
  • Excellent customer services

After buying your hosting

Simply contact me here with your login parameters:

  • Password
  • Username

Other items:

  • Your logo in png or jpeg format
  • Any plugin you want installed
  • Any theme you want installed
  • For your simple contact page, indicate the form fields and email address to capture your messages.

NB: Don't worry. Once I'm done with setting your blog up, change your password anytime.

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