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The 5 Amazing Benefits of Custom Landing Pages!

5 Amazing Benefits of Custom Landing Pages


The 5 Amazing Benefits Of Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages are instrumental in driving online visitors to your website. Used in conjunction with social media, SEM campaigns, SEO and EDMs, a well-built landing page can funnel visitors down to the purchase stage and can marginally increase business growth rate.

There are amazing benefits of creating custom landing pages for your business. They can promote your brand identity, increase your conversion rate, offer data insights, improve paid search campaigns and increase leads. To find out how and why these benefits are so important, keep on reading! 

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Promote your brand and business goals

A landing page can effectively promote your business and brand identity, and give consumers a closer look at your products and services. While your website homepage may have a lot of information on it, a landing page gives you the opportunity to hone in on one thing and target a specific audience.

Your landing page may be promoting new seasonal products – for example, a new collection of men’s suits for fall. Alternatively, a landing page may have the sole purpose of promoting a limited time deal or to promote the launch of something exciting.

Whatever the purpose of your landing page, by catering it to a specific audience you can enhance your business goals while still remaining uniform with your brand identity.

Increase conversions

A well-designed landing page can increase your conversion rate tenfold. When you effectively communicate your products or services on a landing page – and avoid giving the user the option of bouncing off your page – you will increase the probability of that the user converting.

A landing page should inspire the user to take action through the use of CTAs (call-to-action). This action could be them entering their details in a form, or it could be them making a call to the business or booking in a consultation. In an ideal instance, a CTA would entice them to purchase your product or service.

For example, for a restaurant business who wants to gain takeaway orders, the landing page would focus on seducing the visitor and leading them to place an order. This could be through the use of imagery, geo-location and an effective page layout that incorporates sales tactics.

By custom building your landing page you can strategically control the user’s journey and increase your revenue.

Enhance paid search campaigns

Landing pages generally generate more traffic than a website’s homepage, especially when you are directing people to it through a paid search campaign.

A landing page that has the purpose to promote or advertise services or goods will be custom built around SEO keywords and location. For example, an SEM campaign may bid on keywords in order to show up on the SERPs when someone searches for those exact keywords.

Once the paid Ad has enticed the user to click through to your business, it’s up to the landing page to actually convert that lead. Therefore, when the landing page is spot on, the SEM campaign becomes a success.

Gain actionable insights

An amazing benefit of creating a custom landing page is that it can offer you valuable data and insights on your customers and campaign performance.

You can link a landing page to a number of sources: a paid search campaign; a blog post; a social media post. By using Google Analytics and other data tracking tools, you can see which avenue is bringing in the most traffic to your landing page.

You can also implement A/B testing to see whether one custom landing page design is more effective than the other. These can test a number of things, including whether a green CTA button or a blue CTA button is more effective, for example.

Or, it can show you whether you need to rewrite the landing page copy. It can also show you whether using a video over a static image is converting more leads.

You can then activate these valuable insights from your landing page and improve your marketing campaigns, social media strategy and brand awareness. Knowing this information is incredibly important to the overall success of your business.

Capture email addresses

Most often, landing pages are used for lead generation – getting the user to share their interest in a business by placing a call with them or providing their contact information. Then, with the visitors’ information, the business can nurture the leads and eventually convert them into customers.

One way a business can nurture leads is through email and newsletters. In these emails, they can promote their latest deals and promotions, provide incentives and share the news. The more email addresses your landing page can capture (through the strategic design and placement of a contact form), the higher the probability that the business will increase their conversion rate.


Landing pages are powerful tools; don’t underestimate them. A custom landing page has the benefit of enhancing brand awareness and credibility, providing actionable insights and increasing conversions and sales.




Craig Evans

My name is Craig Evans. I am a finance fanatic and tech junkie based in Sydney, Australia. I like to impart my knowledge and share insights on the latest business industry news, marketing and leadership tips.

Praveen Verma

Glad to read this post. Here, great to know the benefit of using custom landing pages for business. A well designed landing page helps digital marketers in marketing their products or services in a right way.
If you create a compelling landing page, then it will help in increasing your brand identity and boost your sales. You have well explained the whole article.

Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

Have a good day.
Praveen Verma

    Craig Evans

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Dharmik Babariya

Hey Craig,

You shared such great tips regarding landing pages. Totally agree with that landing page derives more user CTA. If you using an eye catchy landing page then more visitors come to your site and it will generate brand awareness. And so that you will get your online success.

Thank for sharing.

Have a great day!

    Craig Evans

    Thanks for appreciating my article.

Ales Matematik Kursu

This is great article, landing pages is first step of advertising of our works. First step we need video about or product or works.


Thank you for sharing this with us Craig. Do you know maybe how much time does it need for creating a landing page? And do you know the prices for Australian market?

Ryan Biddulph

Totally digging the idea of increasing brand identity Craig. Any time you do that through customizing, you expand brand awareness and grow your online business. Super tips bro.

    Craig Evans

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