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Look, Affiliate Marketing is awesome and it can be a real business for you being in Cameroon.

You earn 50% promoting Content Is Money. That makes you 5000 FCFA per sale. What if you generate just 2 sales per day?

That keeps you averagely on 10,000 x 30 days right?

Makes something around 300,000 FCFA and that’s highly possible if you do things the right way. It’s just a matter of treating this as a real business.

I have some pretty nice ideas to help you boost your income and become your own boss. There are millions of Cameroonians who should know about this book. They are online everyday wasting. So help them with something that will change their lives online.

Follow these 3 steps and see massive results

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1 – Get your copy of the product

One of the main reasons people fail in AM is that they don’t treat it as a REAL BUSINESS. They do not want to invest in it. That’s a joke if you ask me.

But I have been in this business for years and what I’m sharing here works. Period!

I have experienced it and can tell you scientifically that you will witness same results.

Now, making sure you get your own copy of the product you promote is a huge and solid foundation for you to massively boost sales.

Don’t just get a copy. Read and implement it. This will lead us to step 2 below.

But before we get to step 2, here is the sweet deal:

The price of the book is just 10,000 FCFA. But I want to help you more. I know you want to help me with sales right? Yes!

I will personally give you (As affiliate) coupon code to grab your copy and pay just 4000. This way, I will know you mean business. I want to work with serious marketers. That’s why I won’t give it for free. So contact me here and let’s discuss it.

2 – Use the product

This is a crucial step. Don’t just grab the book. Read and practice what you read. Implement the things taught in the book. This will lead us to the next step.

3 – Showcase your results and teach your readers how 

This is where you are going to be killing it in commissions. I will highly recommend you get your own blog (free on, blogger, or self-hosted paid).

The way to handle this is to create articles on your blog about the book, talking about it, telling your readers you actually bought it and showing them the things you’ve gotten from reading the book.

Don’t stop at one article. Do as many articles as possible. Link to the product page using your affiliate links.

It will be a good thing to share your affiliate link directly on social media. But from my experience, doing pre-sale articles and promoting them will work better.

What I mean is instead of sharing your affiliate links on social media, share your own articles you’ve written about the book.

Bonus tips

I know you can make a lot of money promoting something that really works using these tips. Here are more ideas for you:

-> Create Videos and share them. Use the videos in your articles. You may want to do screenshots or just stand before the camera and share your thoughts. This works quite well.

-> Create a coupon code article. As people start knowing about the book, they will start search for discount codes online to cut down the price. I will be generating seasonal and evergreen discount codes and sharing on this discount code dedicated page You can always check it for new codes.

Trust me you will always rank for keywords like “Content is Money discount”, Content is money coupons”, etc

This will give you more and more sales.

I hope this will help you grow your sales. Get to me for any help, including setting up your blog and coaching on how to move on.