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How to Check If Your Website Was Hacked!

How to Check If Your Website Was Hacked

Hackers are very creative in finding the way to attack your website. It’s almost impossible to stay alert 100% of the time, but you definitely want to upgrade security to prevent spam or malware issues. Timing is crucial because the delayed reaction can jeopardize site functioning and completely ruin its reputation among visitors.

In this post, we will show you how to check if your website was hacked. Let’s take a look! Continue reading


{GhostWriting} How to Set Your Business Up As A GhostWriter

Ghost Writing As A Business

Earning through the internet has been a fancy for many. Many people try to become a social media influencer, some try to become a blogger. However, most realize that this dream is harder than it sounds.


It’s just because most people try to copy others and enter into a field that is already over saturated. If you want to earn fast, then you need to dive into a niche that’s relatively narrow and under-saturated.

But the hard thing behind this advice is that most people don’t quite talk about under-saturated niches; and why should they? The thing is not trending. It does not provide any enthusiasm among the writers. Continue reading


5 Web Design Mistakes Businesses Can’t Afford to Make!

web design mistakes featured

In a hyperconnected world, businesses live and die by their online presence.

Local businesses, licensed professionals, freelancers, online entrepreneurs — everyone needs to develop their own website in order to stay relevant and competitive.

While building a website nowadays is easier than ever, some people aren’t exactly well-versed in the digital marketing sphere. The same can be said for self-proclaimed “freelance web designers” who heavily depend on templates and themes to get the job done.

As a result, most websites fail to garner an audience, generate sales, or do anything remotely beneficial to the company that owns them. Continue reading


How to Find the Best Freelance Websites for Your Business!

There are tons of freelance platforms out there but finding the best freelance websites is not something that’s easy to deal with.

In this post, I’m not going to give you a list of these platforms. I’ll give you checkpoints to help you find the best freelance service to function with.

Choosing the wrong platform could simply mean the beginning of a broken business. That’s why you should not rush at this point. Following these simple tips will help you locate the most qualified talent for your job. Continue reading


Business letter (sample proposal letter to sell advertising space)

business letters

Here below is a business letter sample, a sample proposal letter to sell advertising space on your website or blog. This is specifically for virtual space not printed magazine.

One of the ways to monetize your website is sell advertising space. How much you make will largely depend on your site’s popularity and the advertisers you get.

The common question I get is: are you going to wait to be located by advertisers or you should step out to contact them? As a matter of fact, either of them works. But if you want to be in control, I recommend stepping out. That’s where you need this sample proposal letter and I’m going to share the exact copy I use.
Continue reading


Exit Intent ~ Increase Email Signup to 600%, reduce cart abandonment!

Exit Intent is basically, an Internet marketing technology that monitors mouse behavior of website visitors and detects when they are likely to leave the website or web page.

The intention of website readers can easily be read following the direction they push their mouse cursor. When they move their mouse pointer to the close button of the web browser, their intention to close the window is quickly and easily deciphered.

Exit Intent technology comes in at this point to decide what to do with the reader who intends to leave. What generally it does is trigger a lightbox with information intended to hold the reader back from exiting. This lightbox is generally referred to as Exit-Intent Popup.

Continue reading

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