7 External Sources That Are Said To Be The Business Growth Lifelines!

Every entrepreneur starts a business hoping for success and growth. However, succeeding in business is never a simple task but a tough journey.

Many things will be required for this journey to be successful and some of them may not be available or may be inadequate for business growth.

Some of these things required funds, the right people, realistic goals, strategic partnerships and a strong market for your products and services.

There are several factors that every entrepreneur should consider when pursuing growth because they will help in easing the entire process. Most of these techniques come with both weaknesses or and strengths, but if managed well, they can help your business to climb to the next level of growth.

7 business growth factors to be considered

1 -> Skilled Workforce

People say that employees are the most important asset a business can own. This is true because with the right people in your business it is easy to lead towards growth and maturity.

Therefore employers need to assess and reassess the skills and talents of the people they employ right from the recruitment process and also during their work tenure. Without the right people, you will probably experience incompetence, low productivity, high employee turnover rate and lack of creativity which is required for growth.

This will not only cost you time but also the loss of incomes and excess cost of hiring over and over. The business will lead to stagnation. Begin by hiring the right talents even if it means working with employment agencies and later invest in further training and development of employees.

2 -> Technology

In today’s digital world, any business that ignores technology is literally signing its failure and closure. Technology is one factor that improves efficiency in all business operations, and this includes production, marketing, and communication among others.

So, it is among the smartest decisions to choose which technology solution to use for your business. Once efficiency is achieved, a business drastically reduces its cost of operations, increases productivity, reach out to more clients and eventually growth is achieved.

When your business ignores technology, its competitors will most probably embrace it, and this means that as they take advantage of new opportunities presented by technology your business will remain stagnant.

Invest in the best machines and equipment if you can, utilize online marketing and employ software that improves efficiency at work. With time you will experience unparalleled growth with ease.

3 -> Great Leadership

A good leader will ensure that all the decisions made in your business are strategic and viable. Having a good leadership team will help you to take advantage of growth opportunities that many people would be afraid to invest in.

To attain business growth and sustain it will require a leader who not only have a good vision for your business but can lead others towards that vision.

There are numerous qualities of an effective leader, and if you want growth in your business, you should look out for them.

5 -> Focus

Growth will not come easily, and this means that if you are afraid to take risks, it will be hard ever to grow. A business needs someone who expects to face challenges on the way but is still determined to achieve this growth.

You must also be ready to embrace other people’s ideas because your main focus is on how to attain this growth and sustain it. Sustaining cannot be achieved if you opt to work alone and therefore you must consider the interest of other people in your team and work with them collaboratively.

Avoid being distracted by business challenges, inadequate people and other unnecessary factors, which make you lose the big picture.

5 -> Consider Business Financing

Business Growth Lifelines

Starting a business require a big chunk of capital. Sustaining an established business will also require funds for growth and expansion. In other words, every business requires cash to run smoothly.

Unfortunately, this money is not always available, and at times you will have to get ways of accessing funds from other sources. You may consider a loan from financial institutions to fund your projects and then pay slowly. At times, your business may have won a major opportunity that requires a large amount of money to deliver it. You can also check out CreditNinja for great loan interests

Rather than overlooking such an opportunity for growth, you can consider selective invoice finance, invoice factoring or invoice discounting depending on the amount of control you want or the level of your business in terms of growth.

Trusted financing companies will not only help you in financing your invoice but will also advise on the best funding option on the same. A corporate credit line is another funding option that can help you attain the cash you need for growth of your business. 

6 -> Consider Strategic Partnerships

You may have great ambitions but doing it on your own can be very hard. The best approach in such a case is going for strategic partnerships such as acquisitions, the formation of joint ventures or franchising.

For instance, if you consider expanding your business in another country, there may be limitations that you can only be hacked efficiently by working with other companies that have experience in that country. It would also be hard to just start a business in a new location or environment and expect to understand everything going on in that place.

Do not let such challenges limit your potentiality for growth but rather join hands with other partners in the industry and look forwards to complement each in different areas of business.

7 -> Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers in a business can be very overwhelming, disappointing, costly and time-consuming. The good thing is that it is not entirely impossible and when you earn new customers for your business that’s a growth factor.

However, you need to create a good relationship with your customers to ensure that your competitors do not grab them.

Being able to retain customers will help you build your reputation and hence attract new customers because people tend love brands that other people are using rather trying new products. The more clients you have, the higher the chances of growth.


The need for business growth should not scare you as long as you apply the right tactics and techniques. These are just but some of the technique you should consider, and success and growth will probably come knocking on your doors. Unfortunately, success is not a guarantee; however, you need to work on it because you might be rewarded accordingly.