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Pinterest Report ~ From 643 to 124,800 viewers in 30 days

It’s a month today since I bought and have been using the tips taught in this Pinterest course and so far, the results have been amazing.

Pinterest seems to be driving more traffic than Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. However, this depends on the measure of effort you put  in on each platform.

From my personal observations, Pinterest is designed to drive traffic. Facebook on the other hand is designed for social engagement on the platform and that’s same with Twitter.

Folks on Pinterest are more likely to click your links than on other platforms. I’m not talking about paid ads. I’m referring to the exposure you get from your followers and followers of your followers. Continue reading


What is the Best Format to Publish Videos on a Blog

publish videos on a blog

From all indications, videos are gradually becoming the leading channel in the content market.

At the same time, the technology is multifaceted and the different video formats make it somewhat embarrassing and confusing.

Before you can figure out which format is best to publish videos on a blog, you need to first know how the video will be published. As you’re probably aware there are several methods that can be used to publish videos on a blog, and each will require you to select a format in a different way. Continue reading


9 Tips For Capturing Audience Attention Through Video

Brands only have 8 seconds to capture an audience’s attention through video. This is according to the New York Times, who stated that 8 seconds is the average length of an online user’s attention span.

As a brand, you may be thinking that 8 seconds is nowhere near enough time to communicate your message and sell your products or services effectively.

You’d be right to be concerned – if a user is not totally captivated by your video within seconds they will click off of scroll past it, and you will lose them as a lead. Continue reading


3 hidden secrets behind sharing income reports you didn’t know!

why bloggers share their income reports

Why do bloggers share their income reports?

That’s one thing we see almost every where today. Most bloggers reveal to us how much they have made so far and how much they are still making.

Why are they doing that?

Some will tell you they ain’t bragging about their figures. That they are doing it just to encourage and give you a little push into working hard.

They may be right but trust me, the reasons behind sharing income reports are stronger than just giving you a boost. Continue reading


5 Simple Ways To Engage Your Social Media Audience

engage social media audience

With 3 billion users worldwide, marketing on social media is a no-brainer.

But with so many users online, there are now thousands of businesses just like yours vying for their attention.

So what can you do to boost your brand on social media and keep your audience engaged?

1) Competitions

Competitions on social media are a great way to boost brand awareness as well as gain commitment from your customers.

By providing a competition and a prize you are getting their attention. By requiring action from them in order to enter the competition you are engaging them. Continue reading


How to earn backlinks in 2020 for your website and be on Google page #1


Backlinks are simply links pointing to your site from other websites. They are considered by search engines as votes for your content by readers.

Generally, the more links you get back to your blog, the higher the chances of ranking higher.

However, the sites that link back to your blog can make or break your blog. If you get links from web spam contents or blacklisted domains, that’s going to be really bad and can hurt your SEO.

You can use tools like SEMrush to keep an eye on your link progress or simply grab data from your Google Search Console account. Fortunately, Google has the DisaVow Tool to help them know which links to overlook.

Related: Should you buy backlinks this year for your website? Continue reading