Backlinks can ruin your seo! Here is how!

Backlinks are creating panic on the SEO landscape. They are top SEO ranking factors right? Yes! they continue to be one of the most important SEO metrics. They are considered votes in favor of the linked page.

They used to be a huge source of income for SEO agents but today, everything seems to be in chaos. That’s simply because these (links) are rather generating and sharing penalties to webmasters and bloggers around the globe.

Generally, the more backlinks you have pointing to your blog, the better the ranking position on search engine result pages. 

But these backlinks aka inbound links can be the very source of your down fall. Before we examine how this can kill your seo efforts, let’s look into some interesting details;

Not all backlinks have the same link juice power. Backlinks from high page rank domains have more important impact on your blog than those from low page rank domains.


But Backlinks can kill your blog

There are generally 2 types of backlinks out there. Let’s examine them and see which is the danger standing right there and staring at your blog;

1 – Nofollow backlinks: This to my opinion is the safer type of backlink you need. These are links with the rel=”nofollow” html tag. The nofollow tag is a stop sign, simply telling search engines to mind their business and forget about the link.

That doesn’t mean you get no SEO benefits from this category of backlinks. Whether you are getting them from PR0 or PR8 sites, you simply don’t get a link juice transfer. But it helps in balancing up your SEO profile.


Having all your backlinks dofollow (which isn’t possible by any means) could pull you to Google radar and call for some more investigations.

2 – Dofollow Backlinks: This is the inbound link type I sometimes call the necessary evil. If not well controlled, this can pull down your blog from any height to naught. Though with very lucrative SEO benefits, dofollow backlinks can also be the source of dangerous ranking penalties.

As a matter of fact, these links are like instructions to search spiders to follow the linked url and transfer page rank to it. In some cases, this has turned out to be a bitter experience for some bloggers and website owners. How therefore are dofollow backlinks dangerous?

If you get a dofollow link from a site, that means that site is recommending you with a positive vote but the danger here lies in the status of the domain you are linking from.

Generally, it is said “show me your friend and I’ll tell you the kind of person you are” So if your friend is the bad guy, you are surely going to inherit some bad qualities from him.

If you get a dofollow incoming link from a penalized site, the danger is that the penalty may be transferred over to you.

There are some sites Google has marked as dangerous or suspicious. These are the bad sites to get links from. Generally, when these sites are penalized, other sites that get dofollow incoming links from these penalized sites may inherit the penalties.

When does Google consider a site dangerous or suspicious?

There are some reasons Google may tag a site dangerous. Such dangerous sites you have to disavow any dofollow inward links from because you stand a high chance of getting slapped along with them.

When does a site appear suspicious to the almighty Google?

I have written a post on how to increase search engine traffic without backlinks. In this post, I shared some conditions Google may raise attention on some sites.

Check out the post here!

You have to stay away from such sites or ask the site owners to nofollow your links if you really have to hang around. I recommend using seo tools like this one to find out which sites linking to yours are suspicious or dangerous. After creating a list of these suspicious sites, go ahead and disavow the links from them.

Beware of Dofollow Outbound links!

The danger is not only with dofollow links pointing to your blog. As a matter of fact, one of the things Google will kick you for is when you dofollow your external links.  Well, that doesn’t mean a few dofollow external links will attract penalties but if Google thinks that you are selling (or getting some reward for) those links, be ready for a hard knock on your cranium.

It’s recommended to strictly regulate the links you give out. Don’t just dish out dofollow as this is like preparing a hot seat for you.

Many ‘struggling’ bloggers will prefer the $50 from a client for a sponsored post with a dofollow outbound link not knowing it’s danger for both you and the client. Once Google fetches you out, you and the linked site may be going in for.

The feature of links in SEO

The way things are going, links as an important ranking factor may gradually fade out. There is ongoing discussion on co-citation and co-occurrences as emerging ranking factors. Neil Patel mentioned it in this post

With Rankbrain, Google may be giving more relevance to Onpage and user behavior. 


  • Nofollow backlinks does not mean ZERO SEO advantage. They can bring you direct traffic and keep you safe from Google’s ranking penalties though.
  • Dofollow backlinks have huge SEO and direct traffic benefits but are a potential source of ranking penalties

Now you see how dofollow backlinks (aka inlinks) can destroy your SEO efforts. What are you going to do about this? will you keep creating links blindly?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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  1. Hi Enstine,
    Great topic.It is a very useful and informative post. I really appreciate your writing.A lot of new things I came to know regarding backlinks.Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Wow… Just wow… This is a great post bro…

    Actually, the dangers that surrounds a do follow backlink never occured to me. I must confess, I really learnt a new thing 2day.

    Bro, does no follow backlink also help to increase your google page rank, coz I would also love tips on how to increase our PR.. Since the use of do folloe backlink is a risk, I want to hear if a no follow backlink can also serve in Page ranking… Coz from your content, you said that there is no effect on seo with no follow backlinks.. πŸ™‚

    Would be expecting your reply πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your comment Anyi πŸ˜‰

      Nofollow backlinks don’t pass link juice, hence they don’t increase PR. However, they are needed to balance up your backlink profile. If you keep building only dofollow backlinks, you may end up running into hot water πŸ˜‰ So please balance up

  3. This article is very useful.. With all the hype about getting backlinks.. Are those days dead? There are way too many places to buy backlinks. All I believe will harm the site..
    Getting 500- 5000 backlinks in the same day or over a few days doesn’t look natural. Google just may seek out those sites.. And bump them to the back..of search..

  4. Hi Enstine,

    Personally, I don’t even bother worrying about SEO and trying to build backlinks to rank in Google anymore. I used to spend so much time and money on SEO only to get my sites ranked and then completely wiped out by a Google update.

    These days I just try to provide value, build relationships, focus on building my email list and using paid traffic. I do still get links from things like blog commenting and social marketing, but I focus on getting links that send me direct traffic (whether it be through paid or free marketing). My business is much better off πŸ˜‰

  5. Hey Enstine,
    nice post and Yes, earlier days, blogger are just busy in making backlinks for their blog but due to continuous change in algorithm of Google, its become very dicey situation. I think GOD also have no idea what Google is trying to do. We have to be very careful for backlinks now. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  6. Yes if you got more number of dofollow link then you will be in the targeted zone of Google. But if you don’t got the DoFollow backlink then the noFollow will not be beneficial to you.

  7. Exactly What did I suffer. I hired a SEO expert and he just ruined my blog ranking. To get the solution I also did same thing which is explain here.

    The whole β€œbacklinks” concept lies in quandary. What to do and what not to do is the ultimate question! Recent Google actions has surely put many SEO agencies out of business.

  8. Hey Enstine,

    So here’s a question for you pertaining to our future.

    So Lisa got penalized from Google as we all know by now. So since I had given her dofollow links in her comments and she’s written a guest post for me as well, are you saying that I can now be penalized because I have given her that love? Back when this took place of course she was a PR3 and of course doing really well.

    I’ve used the bad neighborhood site to check for suspicious links pointing to me and I’m good on that front but I’m sure since Lisa recently was hit then this could come back on me as well even though she’s not the majority of my link juice.

    Just trying to figure out how this all will work. Thanks for the scoop.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      I really don’t think you have to worry about that. I think Google is concerned about massive backlinks from dangerous or suspicious sites. However, if they figure out that you paid for link placement on her blog (which I know you didn’t), you may attract their penalties πŸ˜‰

      that’s what I think

  9. Hi Enstine,

    I think when a site has less number of backlinks its more prone to penalty. When you explore backlinks of bigger players in your industry you will see see that they have all sorts of backlinks but still doing fine in search engines. This maybe due to the fact that they have many more backlinks then yours.

    Also the effectiveness of a nofollow backlink is still a question, though Google denies it, in some case they still count.

  10. Hi Enstine,

    You did an awesome job of explaining this topic. It’s all about the quality. It sometimes feels like a double edged sword. If you make solid post and have built solid relationships, you will get more quality backlinks but fewer. If you already have great traffic and make a killer post that others want to share, you will get backlinks all over the place. Lets call it a triple edged sword because although you need backlinks, with situations like Lisa had, more and more of us are making links no follow.

    I just focus on using white hat techniques and let what ever happens, happens. I really have a love, hate relationship with Google. You can’t completely blame them since there are so many black hats out there but they don’t make it easy on us sometimes.

    Ill be in touch. Take care Enstine!

    • Hey Steven,
      good to see you here today bro and thanks for two things;
      1 – this contribution
      2 – the shout out on your blog

      You said if you make solid post and have built solid relationships, you will still get backlinks. That’s a solid truth. I recommend these 2 things you mention ; building relationships and creating solid contents. They work so well in creating natural links. An example is what you just did.

      It’s a real pleasure having you around.

      BTW did you notice I’m running a commenting contest? It’s getting on fire πŸ˜‰

  11. Thanks Enstine. Very helpful. It’s a complicated balance today building a website that is informative and that ranks well. I have seen my rankings go up and down on many sites. I might have to change some follow behavior. Thanks again for the info, SEO and Google always strange bedfellows.

    • Hi Terry, I’m so glad to have you here today and thanks for the engagement. This Google thing is tossing many webmasters and bloggers up and down right? Let’s see what it has for the years to come.

      Meanwhile I’m running a commenting contest here on this blog. Did you check it out?

  12. Hi Enstine,

    SEO is all about making me confused..LOL πŸ˜€
    Backlink is an important SEO component , and now, it can destroy us.
    Looks like we do have to be very careful in finding backlinks and applying SEO.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article, Enstine.
    Nice article about backlinks, I think πŸ™‚


    • Yes Nanda it’s time to mind where we get links from. Google is out with a heave fist to hit the culprits.

      Hope you also take part in the ongoing contest on my blog. $70 is around your corner πŸ˜‰

  13. HI there Enstine!

    It’s interesting to know some forewarnings about backlinks that may perhaps ruin your SEO. It’s never too late to unravel the issues like what you have shared above. Identifying your problem in your SEO is the first thing to do before giving it a cure.

    It would be helpful for your exposure on the World Wide Web. Suspicious and dangerous site? Woo! Nobody wants to be labeled like that right?

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  14. Hello Enstine,
    Yes, I am agree with your point that backlinks are the most important part of overall SEO, backlinks play vital role in the ranking of any website.
    But all backlinks not have the same power, getting dofollow backlinks from high authority blog is good but a tough task.
    Thanks for sharing this article, I will change the attribute of external links of my blog after reading your article πŸ™‚

    • Hello Swapnil,

      That should be something that should be done with immediate effect – or else you won’t love the consequences when Google comes knocking at your door. You may consider using a plugin for that!


      • Hello Akaahan,
        Yes I have changed the attribute of all the external links from dofollow to nofollow.. But I want to know which plugin you are taking about πŸ™‚

  15. A very nice and informative article Enstine Sir for any new blogger.

    When I started blogging, I really didn’t knew anything about backlinks and how do they have effect on our site. And when I got to know about them. Your article on backlinks changed my entire perception.

    While every other blogger was focusing on increasing do-follow links, your review on Webmeup, showed having do-follow links is the real danger for us. Thanks for that article too.

    You are one hell of a writer who comes with an article to benefit other bloggers and not just for the sake of writing. Even your writing style hooks me up. I wanted to jump to your ‘!5 ways bloggers make money online’ article. But this article really left me hooked onto it.

    By the way, your innovative way of increasing CTR by highlighting particular division is great. It really get attention. Even the contrasting colors work in your favor and adds to the User Experience (UX).

    Thanks for the article Sir. Appreciate it a lot.

    Have a great day!

    • Thanks for such a comment Abhishek. It goes right to the point to encourage me

      I’m also thankful to you for being a faithful and loyal reader. You and your friends make this blog what it is so I’m ever grateful to see you around πŸ˜‰

      Let’s keep the relationship hot bro

  16. Hi Enstine

    I turned off dofollow from my CommentLuv comments a few months ago now and have made all links from guest posts nofollow too.

    I know quite a few people now who have had a manual penalty placed against their sites that I just decided it wasn’t worth it with those two things.

    When it comes to dofollow links though in posts I’ve written myself, I’m of the same opinion as David. If I link to another site then I’m doing it because I think that it adds to the conversation and I think Google does want that kind of approach too.

    The problem has been made worse by sites like Myblogguest, Postjoint and Guestcrew because they insisted on the dofollow links and assume Google wouldn’t be able to touch them.

    • Hey Tim,
      I have been on with Uttoran Sen of Guestcrew lately and I think he’s doing a big step to set things in order on his platform.

      Filtering links on editorial content, linking without nofollow to trusted content is absolutely a green approach. That’s not in anyway contrary to what I said.

      Sometimes you may want to recommend a plugin (for instance) and you think Google my think you are paid for the link (whereas you are simply recommending a product you think can help your readers). It will be wise to nofollow such links. I think that’s being cautious.

      My commentluv is set to dish out dofollow after 15 valid comments. Looks like I’ll turn everything negative πŸ˜‰

  17. Well, I guess I shall nofollow all my outbound links used to redirect the refferal ones, and let follow only when copy articles for the source.

    • Hi Diana,
      I suggest nofollowing redirected outbound links. However, should be clean and not have an impact but because we are just not so sure what Google is coming up with, dofollow them for safty

      Thanks for your contribution

  18. Back links are threat to SEO??? I was chuckled at first but when gone through the post. It made me clear that these can be harmful for our site if we are unable to control them or unless they are from genuine site. Thks Enstine Muki for this value post.

  19. Enstine,

    You’ve got some very valid points here. I was at Lisa blog the other day and she was complaining of a manual action she received from Google. Her only fault was the dofollow she was giving to her very dedicated and passionate readers!

    As a rule therefore, I link wisely and give all outbound links the nofollow attribute – its always better safe than sorry, right?


    • The dofollow links are strongly at the origin of most of these penalties bro. That shows how strong they are in search ranking πŸ˜‰

      We don’t have to dish out links anyhow. Thanks for being vigilant and do have a wonderful weekend

  20. You said right things about My Blog guest as they did penalized to the blogs that are connected with them. One of my blog also gain the same punishment form the Google.

    Google should learn something to market their odd business in the Internet. Nofollow links are waste to the sponsored posts, because they doesn’t make sense to the search engines.

    Let see the Game and we should play until it lasts long.
    I found this on

    • Getting links from dirty sites is an issue Suresh.

      Now about sponsored post, if you can rank your paid article well, I think there is still value in it. I have a sponsored article ranking well for the keyword provided by my clients. I think that’s what we should be working for now. Both the client and myself are protected

      Thanks for the contribution

  21. Enstine, just have to say that the game is: write quality content and build relationships. The quest for money certainly has landed many bloggers into hot soup. It is important that bloggers only accept no follow link for sponsored post this way they would be free from the danger of Google bots.
    Also had that Avi suffered it. Hopefully the situation will be righted.

  22. Google is really slapping folks down on the DoFollow front of things Enstine. A few people asked me to change from Do, to No, after placing guest posts from years or months ago, and I can’t do it. The time and energy to track them down is not worth it for me. I’m just accepting few posts going forward and if the follows are Do’s, it better lead to an authority site.


    I found this one on Kingged πŸ˜‰

  23. Hi Enstine,

    The whole “backlinks” concept lies in quandary. What to do and what not to do is the ultimate question! Recent Google actions has surely put many SEO agencies out of business.

    Backlinks do matter but it is difficult to acquire them “organically”, which is how Google desires. Popular websites / blogs have less trouble with real organic link acquisition but what about the intermediate and new sites. Don’t they deserve an honest chance?

    Is there any clear way out?

    BTW, many thanks for referring my post on co-citation. The concept can gain traction in the next few months depending on how things materialise in the blogosphere.


  24. Good Research Enstine Muki Thanks a lot for sharing with us,i know back-links of back bone of many websites,but it should be limited otherwise its called as spam…Good Work keep it up….

  25. Today, I was searching for a search term that directly relate to post joint, and that was when I knew that post joint also have been hit by Google manual penalty. I quickly run a Google search on “post joint”, they where no way to be found in Google search.

    Why am I saying this?

    Many internet marketers uses places like this to get back links which is now in the eyes of Google a no no good practice. I wonder where all these back link and SEO stuffs entirely is now leading to and what Google really stand for on the internet(internet police or what?)

    I think those of us who have one or two guest post published on comluv should be expecting some “hammer” very soon. Comluv will be Google next target.

    But until links are no more a measure of determine blog/websites quality, people will still find their way to game the system.

    Thanks Estine, this is good and really good.

    Found it on and follow down here to read.

  26. It is interesting to be reminded of the difference between DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks. Many bloggers never get to understand the basics and the principles guiding each before building links. A word is enough for the wise Enstine! Your post is revealing both for the newbie and the expert!

    This comment was shared in where this article was found.

    Sunday – contributor

    • Hey Sunday,
      Thanks for your comment. I think these are basic terms that must be understood by everyone with a website trying to rank on search engines. Maybe things will change in the future but for now, these words are important πŸ˜‰

      Do have a wonderful weekend

  27. Good explanation of what is good links and what is bad links. Its important to think what you are linking to and you have to decide if its do or no follow. I read what you commented on Neil’s blog that it will be misused but nonetheless its the direction they want to go. I think it makes sense till they think of something else.

  28. Hey Einstine,

    Thanks for sharing such a useful ideas to us. Earlier I was not familiar with the terms like do-follow and no-follow link. Recently Atish divulge me about those terms.

    Now reading your post seems to be that everything is more apparent to me.

    Again I am thankful to you for sharing great venture.

    • Hey Shiwangi,
      We learn with time. That’s what life is all about. Good that you know these terms now and this will help you in your blogging journey πŸ˜‰

      Good luck and have a wonderful weekend

  29. Phew! this is some information. Really great job u did and nice research. It is really helpful and all bloggers should take care of this

  30. Hi Enstine,

    Dofollow outbound links are what concerns me. Given the intensity with which Google is cracking down on paid links programs, many innocent sites and blogs are also punished.

    On some blogs of me, I’ve been giving out dofollow backlinks to good sources related to a blog post. I’ve been doing it since quite some time. But all these news about penalization forced me to revert back to nofollow backlinks.

    Agreed that as long as quality and relevancy is not in question, dofollow outbound links won’t be punished. But I’m too skeptic and afraid! πŸ™

    I found the link to this post on Kingged.


    • Hey Arun,
      There is some general fear on the surface πŸ˜‰ We need to use software to list out those dangerous sites that link to us and disavow them. Do you have any other approach?

  31. hmmm… good post Enstine as always, but I’m slightly concerned with your advice on not giving out (or being very careful with) dofollow links.

    That’s part of the problem with SEO at the moment; citational links (from content) are the bread and butter and the way SEO has worked since the beginning. Consider what you are saying to google when you add rel=nofollow to links from within your content. You are actually saying to google ‘hey guys, I’m linking to this site, but actually I don’t trust it’.

    If I feel a piece of content is worth a link and adds to what I am saying, then I will link to it – end of. I obviously wouldn’t link to spam or off topic content.

    In fact, perversely google has created a bit of a rod for their own back with all this as people are so scared to link out that getting genuine citational links has become harder and thus people feel they have to resort to dirty tricks.

    Sorry, I’m going on a bit here…

    I’ll maybe write up a detailed post for my own site expanding on what I am saying.

    • Hi David,
      So good to see you here this weekend and thanks for sharing your expertise with us.

      You know those content links are the very ones that bring a lot of headache to Google because of 2 things;

      1 – People started linking to just anything to gain the PR
      2 – People started doing business around it – buying and selling links

      You agree with me these two points are the main reasons Google is mad at some links without the nofollow tag. If you sell your links or link to spam with the nofollow mention, you are safe. You are telling Google to not pay attention to them.

      πŸ˜‰ Google is digging a pit on its path – sort of

      Now I’m expecting that post of yours David. Please share it with us.

  32. Hello Enstine Sir,

    Thanks for presenting such an awesome post on SEO and backlinks. Yes! Backlinks really matter and we should have an eye on them. I learned in my initial days of blogging that I need to give nofollow links to untrusted sites. But after Google’s penalization on so many blogs, am scaring to give dofollow link to any site.

    It wouldn’t be fine to give “Nofollow” links for well-known guest bloggers and for the bloggers who spend their quality time to offer their tips (Interview posts). What should we do in both the cases. Also, is to possible to approach every blog/website who give dofollow link to our blog. If so, how to proceed with it. I get confused with the concepts of Google penalizing factors.

    One of my friend told that “Nirmala, you gave all links Nofollow, if you gave dofollow links to some webpages, you might get good PR” Is he true? πŸ™

    • Google has got many people confused Nirmala. Sites that are green today, you may want to link to – tomorrow, they become red. Who ever thought Lisa’s site was going to be hit? However we cannot be perfect in the practice. You still need to balance it up for a good link profile. Keep on publishing contents that attract natural links.

      There are SEO products out there that can monitor you blog and alert on every new link it gets. That could be a wonderful way to follow up closely though some monthly fee may be involved!

      Whatever the case, it’s weekend. Go have fun

  33. Hello Enstine,
    This was really an amazing post regarding inbound and outbound links. When I was a newbie I knew nothing about dofollow and nofollow links. Then a guest blogger on my blog inserted a link pointing to spammy website. And do you know what? I got my page rank 0. WTF ! Then a reputed blogger suggested me to give nofollow links to those type of websites. After then I am serious for these little things. These small tags matter a lot.

    Many online businesses were too banged by google. But we shouldn’t be reluctant to deliver dofollow links to high ranked websites. My friend gives a nofollow to all guest posts. This is also not a good practice. We should first check the link and then decide whether we should provide dofollow or nofollow.

    BTW this post cleared my all misconceptions. Overall it was a great research!
    Great write-up Bro πŸ™‚

    Have a great day πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the comment and reaction Nikhil. sorry to hear you lost your PR because of a guest post.

      It’s somehow difficult to because green sites now may become red tomorrow. However, its very important to control those links. Completely nofollow is not the best idea. A mix of them is what I recommend.

      Thanks for your voice. Do have a wonderful weekend

  34. Hello Mr Enstine,

    Great write-up concerning this not too familiar yet with ranking factors used by search engines..especially google…but with the great seo advices you spill out daily,i sure will adjust myself on-track…

    thanks once more for the tips sir

  35. muki. another nail on my head again?.. do you ever realise that someone is in your shoe before writing post related to seo. i was in this taught before and google notified me that my site was under suspicious with a treat. i never know it could be as a result of link issue. but i think the 2-3 ideas i’ve learn from this article. time with time. i’ll get it fixed. thanks for such post. are you a search engine yourself?….loi.

  36. Hi Enstine,

    Great post indeed ! Very well written and stuffed with full of solid points.
    Like every coin has two sides , almost everything in this world would also have a positive and a negative impact. I was always crazing about grabbing link juice πŸ™‚ But , I never knew how backlinks can ruin my SEO πŸ™
    Thanks for letting me know about harmful effects of backlinks πŸ™‚ Now onwards , I will make sure I choose authentic and good sites for link building.

    Thanks. Keep writing ! I’ll be around πŸ™‚

  37. Enstine

    Google wants natural links. If you get a baclink from anywhere that you had a hand in it. Its considered gray or unnatural and you can get penalized.

    NoFollow might not pass PR but they are important now to balance your profile.

    Just as important are your own outbound links which can cause as much or more damage and can get hit that way.

    Google is on the hunt and if your trying to manually build your back link profile your most likely going to get penalized.

    • “NoFollow might not pass PR but they are important now to balance your profile.” very correct Jason and of course Google is looking for natural backlinks. The problem is a site that’s green may eventually become suspicious or you may be a victim of some negative seo.

      It’s terrible how things are going. @David just said in a comment below that “google has created a bit of a rod for their own back” and I think it’s true πŸ˜‰

      whatever the case, it’s weekend and let’s have some fun πŸ˜‰

  38. “That means you get no SEO benefits from this category of backlinks.” Hi Enstine, yes this is what the original PageRank patent by Google’s founders said and what seems to have made them rich. However, back in 2011 I helped a blog owner eventually to get to PR 4 with ONLY (nofollow) blogging backlinks (i.e. commenting only). At least we did not ask for any other links nor were we aware of any without a nofollow except a few directories (however, these would not have catapulted that blog to PR4, only, maybe, to, say, PR2). There were in the end about 4,000 (pertinent, not spammy!) blog comments, and these even were not all on high PR blogs – they were posted while researching an reading and, I guess, most would have been on other blogs with PR below 4! Since this is not the only such occurence I believe Google has a certain second algorithm besides the patented and published PageRank one. There is also a second phenomenon: that blog’s referrers often showed image searches. But the images were all on a credits page (to various stock photo vendor pictures used on the blog, mostly paid for, some free, all legitimate) and that credits page itself was at least three steps down from the main page. All this did not make sense from a simple PR theory view …

    • πŸ˜‰ thanks for your analogy and for sharing your experience with us Darragh. Truth is, I don’t think Google has divulge everything about their ranking and PR parameters. A lot of things still remain a mystery

      Thanks for being part of this post and do have a wonderful weekend

  39. I’ve personally experience how spam backlinks and also low quality backlinks can ruin the ranking of websites/blogs. You’ve shared great insights regarding the backlinks.


      • Just need to add something here,

        As “Noor Bashir” asked above. What about if I comment more each day as I do only on few blogs. Someone said lot of commenting would also effect in ranking though majority of blogs would offer no-follow backlinks.

        Any theory?

  40. Hi Enstine,

    Awesome post indeed, and I think you covered up ALL that could possibly be said about backlinks, dofollow and nofollow – love the pillar post πŸ™‚

    Yes, if the dofollow links come from a site that isn’t a good one it will harm you and you can actually do nothing about it till you get to know of such sites. But I think if you have more of good dofollow links to your site – then you are safe and this overpowers your bad ones. I agree, you have to take action if they are linking in from wrong sites, in case they don’t agree to make them nofollow.

    I would be looking up and reading a little more about how SEO is linked up with all this and whether it really does affect, because although SEO is important even today, can it really harm us that much.

    I wish Google would really concentrate on penalizing sites who are into selling links and following the wrong system, rather than all others, something like what happened to Lisa’s site. And I wonder how much worth is CommentLuv in the long run if we are going to have to make all the links nofollow instead of giving the regular readers dofollow love. I also read that it’s not right to have all nofollow on your blog, there should be a combination of dofollow and nofollow, both.

    One’s just got to be careful and in a way I’m glad I’m not yet started with sponsored posts, though again, if you make your links nofollow, you are safe.

    Thanks for sharing, which you know I always share further. Have a nice weekend πŸ™‚

    • Hi Harleena,
      Thanks for touching many points in this comment
      Links used to be the main factor for ranking and these changes are throwing people into some confusion. Yes, do please do your research and maybe share the result with us on your blog πŸ˜‰

      Now, let me say this … this same article was rejected on comluv and I understand their reasons. Though the wonderful commentluv plugin is a bundle of many goodies, the dofollow link option is a solid point. With the fears around, people are beginning to completely turn the nofollow tag on. I’m currently on 15 valid comments to get the a dofollow link. Who knows? It may completely roll over tomorrow.

      Why we want to reward commentators, that cannot be done at the expense of our blogs. That’s why I encourage bloggers to comment for networking NOT link building. BTW, I’m writing a post on why we should not focus on links why commenting.

      Surprisingly, I have got sponsored posts from some advertisers who requested their links to be nofollow. That’s sort of being prudent and I like it.Now I’m ranking on 2 – 3 page for their main keyword. With a little tweaking effort, I’ll be on page 1 and that means they will be getting more exposure. That’s what I think advertisers should be looking for. There is no need to grab a dofollow link today and crumble tomorrow.

      I’m sure you’ll like my upcoming post on commenting for networking πŸ˜‰
      Do have a wonderful weekend dear friend and thanks for the social media exposure

  41. Hi Enstine,

    Very Nice and Informative post on SEO and Backlinks. Today, these facts are play an important role in SEO industry. Many bloggers doing NOFollow or DOFollow backlinks.
    Here, I specially recommend to new bloggers they don’t do DoFollow link. NoFollow links is better for them. If they wanted to make DoFollow then it should be taking from some High PR or Authority Site. Then it’s OK for them.

    Enstine, Your all information is worthy and completely correct. Thanks a lot for sharing this good info with all of us πŸ˜‰

  42. Hi Enstine, this one is too late for me πŸ™‚ LOL. You saw what happened with my dofollow comments and links. They are NOW all nofollow. It does surprise me that Google is out to punish the smallest of blogs and websites. You think they would go after the biggest first but since that’s where the bread and butter come from probably not. I say let’s Bing it!
    It is sad that we can no longer give out linkjuice to good sites and that we all have to be punished for those spammers lurking out there…

    • Really said Lisa, that Google is playing the tune for us on the Internet.
      Yes I’m aware of your site and of Kharim Tomlinson. I think going nofollow is safer now. Are you using any plugin that automatically adds the nofollow tag even on old pages?

    • It’s so sad, Lisa, that such should happen to you…I’ve been over at your site numerous times and can authoritatively say that you did nothing bad. However, as I keep mentioning, Google is too big an enemy to have as an enemy.

      The nofollow should do the trick though.


  43. Hello Enstine Muki,

    All I can say is informative post. Backlinks are pillars for website. The better the best. But even pillars need to give up when times comes. Yes, I agree with the important points you mentioned above. Getting excess is not a matter. But quality is what matter now. As you gave an informative article like dofollow backlinks from pr 8 site is perfect.

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    Surely an awesome post for detailed guide on backlinks. So few days back working event sites, the term backlinks plays most important role in such sites. And I also got an personal experience that excess baclinks in a limited period also ruin our blog’s life.

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  46. Hi Enstine,
    Nice and informative post on SEO and backlinks.
    tha game of backlinking is a very strategic one and requires a lot of understanding of SEO and how Google and other search engine work.
    It is true that nofollow backlinks don’t matter much when it comes to adding the link juice to your site. But they help you in bringing direct traffic to your blog and they are safe too.
    Dofollow backlinks can ruin your site if they are of low quality, irrelevant or considered spam in the eyes of Google. But can take your blog to the top if you carefully manage your outgoing and incoming dofollow backlinks.
    One other important aspect of backlinking on which I would like to through some limelight is the ratio of the nofollow and dofollow backlinks to your blog. An imbalanced ratio of the both can trigger an alarm in the eyes of search engines and your site might suffer SEO heart-attacks when algorithm changes.

    Thanks Enstine for writing this.

    • Thanks for adding a wonderful comment Vineet and for sharing on social media πŸ˜‰ The only way forward is to be cautious about the links we create.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend

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