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My name is Craig Evans. I am a finance fanatic and tech junkie based in Sydney, Australia. I like to impart my knowledge and share insights on the latest business industry news, marketing and leadership tips.

7 External Sources That Are Said To Be The Business Growth Lifelines!

business growth

Every entrepreneur starts a business hoping for success and growth. However, succeeding in business is never a simple task but a tough journey.

Many things will be required for this journey to be successful and some of them may not be available or may be inadequate for business growth.

Some of these things required funds, the right people, realistic goals, strategic partnerships and a strong market for your products and services. Continue reading

Features Your Website Must Have If You’re A Multi-Service Business

Your website is the beating heart of your business; without it, you will have a hard time making sales.

In this age, it’s more important than ever for businesses to ensure their online footprint is up to scratch. Aside from harnessing social media and paid search campaigns, businesses should have a personalized website that effectively showcases their products and services, and drives traffic and sales.

There are a lot of aspects that make a successful, user-friendly and seo-friendly website, so if you’re in the process of creating your own, it’s imperative that you consider these things. Continue reading


How To Write Effective Product Descriptions To Boost Sales

Product descriptions are instrumental to the overall success of your online business growth and revenue. A good product description has the ability to persuade a customer to make a purchase. A bad product description can turn customers away in a matter of sections.

A good product description is, above all, well written and well judged. If you want to know how to create the perfect product description for your website and brand that will lead your customers down your sales funnel, keep reading! Continue reading


The 5 Amazing Benefits of Custom Landing Pages!

5 Amazing Benefits of Custom Landing Pages

The 5 Amazing Benefits Of Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages are instrumental in driving online visitors to your website. Used in conjunction with social media, SEM campaigns, SEO and EDMs, a well-built landing page can funnel visitors down to the purchase stage and can marginally increase business growth rate.

There are amazing benefits of creating custom landing pages for your business. They can promote your brand identity, increase your conversion rate, offer data insights, improve paid search campaigns and increase leads. To find out how and why these benefits are so important, keep on reading!  Continue reading


4 Business Growth Benchmarks Marketers Need to Follow

Digital marketing is a vast and ever-growing industry. With so many evolving methods of promoting your brand and attracting new customers, it’s hard to know what’s working and what isn’t.

What if you’re investing time and money into strategies that aren’t quite working for you? And how can you measure what’s getting you the best result?

Different companies and industries use different ways to benchmark business growth. Whilst retailers focus on in-store visits and online purchases, others might focus on social media engagement and brand awareness.

There are some key benchmarks however that most companies will be able to use in order to track their success.

1 – Revenue

This is probably the most obvious of all. For 99.9% of companies, revenue is key. Even not-for-profits have a certain focus on making money in order to be able to re-invest it in their cause.

One simple way of tracking your progress is by seeing whether your overall revenue has increased. If the company isn’t making money, then obviously there’s something wrong.

Understanding the specific impact of your inbound marketing strategies on your revenue, however, is paramount.

Whilst your overall sales might be going up, if the sales revenue generated by your inbound marketing is low or non-existent then you are probably wasting your money or need to change your tactics. Continue reading