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Daily Archives: April 7, 2020

4 Steps You Need To Take When Launching Your Own Digital Marketing Consultancy Business

digital marketing consultancy business

By 2021, online advertising will account for 49 percent of all global ad spending,  according to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.

With such predictions and eCommerce growing at a steady rate of 23 percent each year, it has now become a staple to have a digital marketing consultant on staff. In fact, in CNBC’s round-up of 2020’s best-paying freelance jobs, digital marketing consulting career ranked in the top 20. Continue reading


10 Cheap Email Service Providers with advanced Marketing Automation

Cheap Email Service Providers

Marketing Automation is definitely at the core of digital business and we are here looking at Cheap Email Service Providers to help with that.

Every business online has a series of activities and we are all looking for some robot to handle these activities while we focus on other areas of productivity.

Email Service Providers have gone into melting competition with automation features. While some of these big names in the industry are still dragging their feet, new comers are investing massively in developing complex and powerfully flexible automation builders.

While shooting this Email Marketing Course, I have gone through a number of Email Marketing Service providers for small businesses, trying to find out how much of automation they offer their users and with what ease. Continue reading